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Is a temperature of 34.5 low?

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Sophie2525 · 22/09/2023 23:01

Sorry I meant to post 35.5, I don’t know how to edit the title

. DS had a temp of 38.5 and above for 9 days, GP have antibiotics with suspected ear infection. Since taking the medication yesterday evening his temp has been around 35.5, is this okay? I called 111 last night, they said a GP would call back within 24 hrs but they haven’t.


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Legoroses · 22/09/2023 23:04

The Internet will say its not OK. But my kids often went down to this sort of temp. How is he otherwise? Eating, drinking, weeing and in himself?

MidnightOnceMore · 22/09/2023 23:05

You have two different temperatures in your post, 34.5 is hypothermia so very serious

35.5 is pretty low. With a young child I'd get them checked..

reesewithoutaspoon · 22/09/2023 23:05

36 to 37 is normal range. So he's a little cold. Is he fully dressed? Is he eating. Have you rechecked in case it's user error.
Its not dangerously cold . I would make sure he has enough clothes on then recheck

Sophie2525 · 22/09/2023 23:06

He is absolutely fine in himself, he’s asleep now but all day he’s being playing, eating and drinking x

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Sophie2525 · 22/09/2023 23:07

He’s in long sleeve PJS and a 1.5 tog sleeping bag x

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Sophie2525 · 22/09/2023 23:08

He is 2 years old, sorry I forgot to mention

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Beautifulsunflowers · 22/09/2023 23:09

Have you checked your temperature with the same thermometer? Could be a false thermometer reading due to battery maybe?

Sophie2525 · 22/09/2023 23:12

Yes I have checked my thermometer and it’s 36.5, the thermometer is a braun one and has full battery.

OP posts:
ShaunaM · 24/09/2023 16:17

Is it a Braun in ear one or other? In ear is best

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