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Chicken pox?

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AutumnLea · 22/09/2023 21:49

Another one of these, sorry.

Ds has a total of 9 spots like this on his back, shoulder, chest and arm. He's felt a bit warm but temp is normal. Bit of a runny nose, sleeping slightly longer but otherwise well in himself.

I think chicken pox but would have expected more spots to come out by now. Is this how it looks? google images seem alot more dramatic. Thoughts?

Chicken pox?
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WeWereInParis · 22/09/2023 22:01

Hard to tell from that picture, it doesn't look particularly like what my DDs had with chicken pox but maybe it's just that very start.

Are they little fluid filled blisters? I think you'll be able to tell more when you look in the morning.

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee · 22/09/2023 22:02

Hard to tell from that photo for me. But they aren't always covered in spots, my youngest got a bad dose of chicken pox, so we waited for the oldest to get it and he never did. We then were reminded that the oldest was pretty ropey 2 weeks before that, so we think he had a really mild dose with barely any spots. He's got eczema and is generally an itchy child, I feel so bad we missed it!

AutumnLea · 22/09/2023 22:03

I know I've got more pics but they are a bit blurry he wouldn't stay still. I'll put them anyway. No they just are very red and developing a white head. Not sure what to think.

Chicken pox?
Chicken pox?
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AutumnLea · 22/09/2023 22:04

Thanks both I know it's difficult to see

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WeWereInParis · 22/09/2023 22:27

I don't think those second pictures look like chicken pox, especially the shoulder ones. And if they're developing a white head that doesn't sound right either, it's clear fluid.

My eldest only had a handful of spots, but this is what the first two looked like the first time we noticed them.

Chicken pox?
AutumnLea · 22/09/2023 22:34

That looks more like what I'm seeing in image searches @WeWereInParis

I'm flummoxed then, he does come out in mystery rashes from time to time which no one can explain so just a question of waiting and seeing I guess.

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PantryHelp · 24/09/2023 20:19

They look more like bites to me, not chicken pox-y at all. Fleas? Bed bugs?

AutumnLea · 24/09/2023 20:33

They've faded now, it's really weird.

Something similar happened around this time last year and nursery were convinced chicken pox but GP couldn't figure out what it was she said maybe molluscum contagiosum.

My first thought is always fleas because of the cats but they were treated very recently as well as the house. Can't see any.

Bedbug's definitely not he's in a brand new bed with new bedding.

He's always had little rashy breakouts, was even born with a rash. Maybe just the change in seasons is irritating him or something idk.

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