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foreign object in leg? please help

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unicornwonders · 22/09/2023 18:03

So yesterday afternoon we took our 4 year old daughter to the lake district, she fell in some bush area. She said her leg hurt but we couldn’t see anything, we got home did bath and PJs and noticed she has what i think is a thorn stuck just under her kneecap. We couldn’t remove it so called 111, went to CHOC who also couldn’t get it out and said leave it be. But my issue is we don’t know what it is for sure, it’s red and the dr pushed it deeper and everywhere online it says it needs removed, she could get sepsis. i’m very stressed out and i don’t know what to do from here.

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Syndulla · 22/09/2023 18:06

The minor injuries unit in Keswick is very good in my experience. Much faster than at CHOC / WCH etc.

BoobyDazzler · 22/09/2023 18:06

Let her spend an hour or so playing in a warm bath and it may well pop out on its own.

unicornwonders · 22/09/2023 18:16

@Syndulla the man at CHOC appears to of pushed it deeper so i’m not sure if anyone will manage getting it out, do you have to book an appointment or anything? Do you know if there able to remove things?
@BoobyDazzler we had tried that but no luck, i’m more worried as we don’t know exactly what it is. I know a doctor said leave it but i feel like how can you just leave it?

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Flowerbfbfbf · 22/09/2023 18:18

Warm bath with lots of salt. It sounds like you will be well on the case of watching for infection.

AnotherCountryMummy · 22/09/2023 18:20

Would some magnesium sulphate paste help draw it out? You can buy it for a few pounds in Boots. Normally used for boils, but could do the trick.

HillyHollock · 22/09/2023 18:20

Magnesium sulphate?

unicornwonders · 22/09/2023 18:22

@Flowerbfbfbf ive tried the salty warm/hot bath but no luck :(, i’m petrified she won’t show symptoms and will end up septic.
@AnotherCountryMummy i will buy some tomorrow and give that a shot, hopefully it will work as i’ve tried everything i can think of
i even tried sticking a plaster to it leaving it to sit and then pulling it off but nope, it stayed in.

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unicornwonders · 22/09/2023 18:32

does anyone think it’s worth another trip to a treatment centre or something?

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unicornwonders · 22/09/2023 19:20


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Syndulla · 22/09/2023 19:26

You don't need an appointment at Keswick, but check online for their opening hours.

gravitytester · 22/09/2023 19:27

Can you poultice it?

bluebellsanddaisies23 · 23/09/2023 08:46

What I found useful when DD had a thorn stuck in her foot was using the calpol syringe and putting it over the thorn and then pulling back on the pump of the syringe - it worked a treat.

unicornwonders · 23/09/2023 17:11

still no luck after magnesium and the syringe so am now sat in a&e as advised by 111, so hopefully we get it sorted today

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