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Infantile Acne / Baby Acne at 5 months

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anonymous0011 · 22/09/2023 14:33

Please can someone help! literally at a loss with what to do.
My son is nearly 5 months old and started with acne at around 3.5 months. He had perfectly clear porcelain skin until he hit 3 months old. He started with small red pimples on his cheeks which then started to fill with pus like a white head. Since then more spots have appeared on his cheeks and it is progressively getting worse, a new one is appearing each day and sometimes the old ones are refilling. I have taken him to the doctors countless times because i’ve never seen acne on a baby this young, i was told it is called ‘infantile acne’ and it can last until they are 1 years old and babies can get it from 3 months - 1 year. I personally have never heard of this or seen it before and I can’t find any information online anywhere about it. I have had to push and push to be referred to a dermatologist which I was told ‘there isn’t much point as it will probably go within a month and you will be waiting for months to be seen’ yet it’s getting worse and started nearly 2 months ago! All I have been using on his face since birth is cooled boiled water (to clean any sick up) I haven’t used any products on his face. GP prescribed dermol 500, which didn’t work clogged up his skin and small little blackheads appeared. Then GP prescribed an antibacterial cream for some of the larger spots which again didn’t work.
i am at a loss of what to do whilst waiting for this referral because I don’t want this to scar his skin. i don’t know what is causing it or why it has only appeared at 3 months. He has a bath every evening just in water and a mild baby soap 3 nights a week, change his sheets regularly. Only wash his clothes/muslins in baby detergent and he is on hypoallergenic milk for his cmpa so it can’t be caused by an allergy as he has already been on prescription milk since 8 weeks. They don’t seem to be bothering him but is very upsetting as a parent to see your baby with severe acne at this age and without any help of what to do. I have read online that infantile acne is genetic and it will just go eventually on its own, but the spots are becoming very aggressive and I am concerned they will leave behind marks!

Has anyone been through anything similar?

Infantile Acne / Baby Acne at 5 months
Infantile Acne / Baby Acne at 5 months
Infantile Acne / Baby Acne at 5 months
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