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High temp on and off for a week, no symptoms

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Sophie2525 · 19/09/2023 17:29


DS is 2, Wednesday last week he had a high temp then again Thursday, it went up to 39. He was fine in himself, playing, eating and drinking as normal.

Then last night and today he’s had a temp going up to 39.7. Again he’s fine in himself. We saw a doctor today, he said probably viral. But I’m worried it’s not.

anyone else had this?


OP posts:
Libmama · 20/09/2023 04:35

We had this and turned out to be an ear infection

MidnightOnceMore · 20/09/2023 05:01

Did they check ears, throat etc?

The NHS guidance is here and says see GP/call 111 if a temperature lasts more than five days which yours has.

I'd keep a diary of temps/meds so I had a record and phone 111 if you are still concerned. If you feel concerned it's ok to ask again.

Covidwoes · 22/09/2023 22:09

Hi OP, it could be covid maybe. Symptoms can sometimes come in waves with Covid. No need to test these days, but if everything else is ruled out, it could be a possibility?

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