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Son can’t straighten legs with knee pain

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Worrbiedmum · 18/09/2023 09:36

im just wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation. My 8 year old son usually happy healthy and fit woke up to pain in knees around a week ago, so I gave it 24 hours knowing the doctor would say growing pains before phoning 111. We went to appointment at urgent care had a X-ray which was clear they said frowning pains.

5 days on he was still walking bend over as he couldn’t straighten his legs, took him to own GP who took full blood test which upset my boy 5 bottle and they managed to get 3 still waiting on results. It’s now day 9 and he’s still in pain and can not straighten his legs anyone else been in same situation as I’m worried sick.

OP posts:
ididntthough · 22/09/2023 13:52

Chase the bloodwork OP. So sorry to hear and don't want to suggest possible things as could be completely wrong. But bloodwork is the right step to rule out juvenile arthritis and similar conditions. Good luck

Worrbiedmum · 22/09/2023 16:57

Thanks we still waiting on results and juvenile arthritis is my concern as his dad had that starting age 7 it’s day 13 today he seems to be a lot better today they are almost straight again and no pain but need to make sure incase it re occurs so can get him the correct medication.

OP posts:
ididntthough · 22/09/2023 23:14

So pleased it seems to be settling. Bloods shouldn’t take that long, they may have lost them so do give a ring. Good luck and hopefully it won’t come back x

mrsalfstewart · 30/09/2023 09:18

Hi Op

How is your son now? My 8 year old son was in hospital last weekend after coming home from school on the Thursday with a swollen knee from no apparent cause. We ended up in A&E last Friday night and he had knee, pelvis and hip X-rays which showed nothing. All bloods came back clear too.

He then had an MRI on Monday and results show a bit of cartilage protruding on his right knee. However, he won't bend that leg and will not weight bear on it either. Waiting for urgent referral to paediatric physiotherapist and I have managed to borrow crutches so he can at least get around and back to school on Monday! He is still in some pain though, although I think there may now be a psychological element to it - he totally refuses to put any weight on it.

If I've not heard anything by Monday I will ring the doctor again - he can't go on like this.

Hope your son is feeling better.

Worrbiedmum · 30/09/2023 12:49

Hi, I’m really sorry to hear about your son sounds very similar to my boy no reason at all just woke up like that. His bloods need repeating as they couldn’t get the full 5 bottles & the referral for hospital won’t go through till we get the results back so we going Monday for more bloods. However after day 16 of not straightening his legs he woke up in no pain and was back to being the happy run around kid he was. I do still think it maybe a flare up for juvenile arthritis.

hopefully your son will be the same and just wake up to being ok. But it is so frightening more so for us parents that need answers. Keep me updated on how you are doing hope he gets well soon.

OP posts:
mrsalfstewart · 30/09/2023 14:01

So pleased to hear your son is back to running around and feeling well, that must be such a relief! I hope he continues to make progress and the bloods come back all clear for you.

At the moment the crutches are a novelty for my son and I'm hoping that once he is back at school with his friends he will soon be back to his old self!

TakingTheHorseToFrance · 30/09/2023 14:06

My son has Osgood-Schlatter disease which really is a type of growing pains he had it from 11 years old. Another boy in his small sized class has it too. Painful bending his knees and has missed school because of it. In his case it would last maybe a week.

MrsS0fa · 30/09/2023 14:20

Do they know his dad has JIA? I'd be pushing for a referral to paediatric rheumatology in your shoes, OP. Sadly this is all too familiar to me - i have a child with JIA, diagnosed at 6. There's a great Facebook group for parents of kids with JIA, worth a look. Hope you get some answers soon.

User3456 · 30/09/2023 14:35

Could it be post viral maybe? May be unrelated but I have heard of knee pain being a symptom of long covid, if you have a look there's some studies and reports of it. As a parent myself I still can't believe the government approach that we're basically being forced to accept repeated infections for our kids, it will have long term implications for some, it's shocking.

This article is interesting as one example. Really hope he's ok.

Is joint swelling a symptom of COVID-19?

Is joint swelling a possible symptom of COVID-19? Read on to learn about the possible association between a SARS-CoV-2 infection and joint swelling.

lorn195 · 30/09/2023 14:38

TakingTheHorseToFrance · 30/09/2023 14:06

My son has Osgood-Schlatter disease which really is a type of growing pains he had it from 11 years old. Another boy in his small sized class has it too. Painful bending his knees and has missed school because of it. In his case it would last maybe a week.

This what DS2 (16) was diagnosed with. After a MRI scan, he has discoid meniscus.

He has years of pain in his left knee but does regular physio at home. He also takes naproxen of its really bad.

Surgery was an option but he's just started a sports science course at college and referees or plays football most weekends.

sep135 · 30/09/2023 14:39

I do still think it maybe a flare up for juvenile arthritis.

That was my first thought as it's not dissimilar to the symptoms I had which prompted my JCA diagnosis. But I also had visible swelling which it sounds like he doesn't.

Feel free to PM me if you want any support and fingers crossed it's one of those random childhood afflictions that pops up and disappears again just as mysteriously.

Worrbiedmum · 30/09/2023 17:12

Yes his dad was diagnosed when he was 7 and that is the referral we are waiting for he is also getting the antibodies blood test to check for viral on Monday thanks for your reply

OP posts:
sep135 · 30/09/2023 18:18

When I was thinking about having kids, passing it on was a fear of mine. But my consultant said my juvenile arthritis wasn't hereditary if that is reassuring in any way.

However, it is slightly embarrassing to still have to refer to your arthritis as juvenile when you're in your 40s and providing a medical history.

Hope the blood test results are all good.

Worrbiedmum · 30/09/2023 21:29

Thanks I also agree also I do t have any cartridge between my knee caps so that had to be ruled out too so to be fair both parent have bad knees but we ok no one could tell but was a fear he was going to have one ailment of knees 🤦🏽‍♀️

OP posts:
butterfly193 · 30/09/2023 21:43

Hi my daughter was the same and after many trips to the doctor and finally a referral to paediatric hospital she was diagnosed with JIA. At the start the doctors kept saying it was post viral and irritable hip but it came to the point she couldn't walk at all ☹️hopefully you get some answers after blood tests. X

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