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Children's health


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Sux2buthen · 16/09/2023 18:43

My son is 8, he had bad eczema as a baby but it mostly disappeared.
Now this has cropped up very quickly, I'm using zero base and child's farm bath stuff. I will book him on with the gp this week, is there anything else I can do to help him?
Also it looks different thank before but this still appears to be eczema I think?

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Onceuponaheartache · 16/09/2023 18:50

Definitely looks like eczema, the child's form stuff triggers my fd's so just go steady with it.

If he is itchy with it, give him some antihistamines but given how wide spread it is I would suspect that it is triggered by contact with something so I would wash everything he has been nesr in the last 24-48 hours, towels. Bedding etc

Sux2buthen · 16/09/2023 18:52

Good point. I'm mystified though, everything is non bio washed. We have no pets🤔
I feel so bad for him

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Wolfiefan · 16/09/2023 18:56

I have awful eczema. I’m allergic to MI in many liquids like shower gels. Don’t bathe too frequently. LOTS of emollient. And steroid cream as needed for flare ups.

Onceuponaheartache · 16/09/2023 18:58

My dd's is trigger by "unknown environmental elements" as well as a variety of things.

Has he got over heated? Is it anywhere other than his legs? Has he been sitting on grass or anything?

Do you put washing on a rinse cycle after the main wash cycle? If not try this. I have to do it with all dd's clothes (also don't line dry) as residue of washing solvents even non bio cam trigger and pollen, pollution and other airborne particles cam also trigger if on clothing.

We are under a specialist regime that includes therapeutic chemo as dd's can be so violent 😭

Sux2buthen · 16/09/2023 19:03

Crikey, that sounds stressful Flowers
He's been hot because of the weather so I got him shorts for school which of course means sun cream.
Where it's placed I'm wondering if it's to do with sweat and trousers or something like that.
These are helpful tips Thankyou all

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Sux2buthen · 16/09/2023 19:10

What steroid cream would be best for a child?

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Throwncrumbs · 16/09/2023 19:11

Everybody who has eczema is triggered by different things, so what works for some people doesn’t work for others. It’s a case of elimination of triggers, it’s taken me years to find what I can and can’t use, I take antihistamines and use steroid creams when needed. I can only use Head and Shoulders, I can’t use anything with lanolin in it, I can’t use perfumed anything… no sprays at all, but that doesn’t mean the same for someone else with eczema. People say’ it doesn’t look too bad’ but it’s how it makes you feel, it’s irritating and itchy which is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t got it. Good luck finding what’s good and not good for your boy.

Onceuponaheartache · 16/09/2023 19:11

Suncream is an absolute bastard for triggering eczema...check whether it has aloe in it that triggers my dd like mad.

But sweat is definitely a trigger, if you buy any trousers that state they are easy/no. Iron then they are coated in Teflon which can be a trigger. As can the cheap polyester fabric as it doesn't allow the skin to breath. It's not cheap but we were told by the consultant to only put her in cotton and as batural as possible as it allows the skin to breathe.

We also send her in for pe in proper gym gear that draws sweat away from the skin (decathlon is great for this) because the dd is hyper sensitive to the natural chemicals her body excreted. She also has urticaria so is "allergic" for want of a better description to the histamine her body produces to combat the eczema etc

Definitely try an antihistamine, dd is prescribed up to 40mg a day but don't give him more than 10mg without seeking medical advice. Ceterizine is the one they prescribe for kids if it helps.

LucifersPain · 16/09/2023 19:19

I can reccommend getting a shower head filter to remove chlorine etc. from water.

LucifersPain · 16/09/2023 19:20

Balmonds Skin Salvation is supposed to be good too, only discovered after DCs eczema cleared up so can’t personally vouch.

IggyAce · 16/09/2023 19:25

I have 2 dcs with mild eczema and they’ve both had flares in 7 year cycles. DS was allergic to most sun creams and this year in the hot weather had a flare up. I put that down in part to now been at secondary so wears trousers, shirt and blazer all year. For this year I’ve got him
the M&S skin kind shirts.

JanesBlond · 16/09/2023 19:26

Definitely looks like eczema, having it in the knee is a bit of a tell-tale sign as it’s very common in skin creases like joints. If child’s farm isn’t suiting him e45 also make a bath creme/body wash and shampoo, as do aveeno so could be worth trying different brands. GP can prescribe the right steroid. Have you changed anything in the environment recently, anything new in the diet, stress, new clothes?

Throwncrumbs · 16/09/2023 19:32

The only sun screen I can use is the dry oil spray, not a cream, light oil that doesn’t clog your skin

Onceuponaheartache · 16/09/2023 19:38

We used that for years til she suddenly developed a reaction to it last year 😭

Elektra1 · 16/09/2023 19:40

DD has bad eczema. Hotter weather, and sun cream, are particular triggers. The only sim cream I've found which doesn't flare her eczema is La Roche Posay Anthelios Dermo-Pediatrics.

Diprobase (or similar - you can buy these in pharmacies) for every day on the known flare patches, whether or not there is a flare - and prescription steroids when there's a bad flare.

Sux2buthen · 16/09/2023 20:06

Thankyou all so much, this has really helped and given me some things to look into

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Michaela83 · 23/11/2023 11:15

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