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Train track braces privately cost / nhs wait time

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Remmy123 · 14/08/2023 16:51

Hi there

Firstly can anyone give me any indication of waiting times for braces?

also does anyone know how much to have them done privately?


OP posts:
clipclop5 · 14/08/2023 18:58

It depends where you are re: waiting time but when we were looking at private braces for DD it was around £2k for regular ones

Fiddlerdragon · 14/08/2023 18:59

Waiting time northwest England is 3-5 years. I went private for my daughter and it was 2.7k all in.

Remmy123 · 14/08/2023 19:11

Thanks we are just outside London (Surrey) I'm envisaging 2 years and my son will be almost 17!

OP posts:
Fluffypuppy1 · 14/08/2023 19:12

We’re in a London commuter area. No idea about waitlists, but went private for just under £4,000 for both upper and lower braces. Most orthodontists will either do a discount for immediate full payment or you can pay monthly as you go.

We’ve paid privately as DC wouldn’t have even been on the list for another year and had badly crowded teeth which were becoming an issue. Also if you start earlier, you’re much less likely to need tooth extractions.

TheGriffle · 14/08/2023 19:15

My dd is 10 and our dentist has just put her on the waiting list for braces as she said it was 2/3 years long. This is South Yorks though.

imorange · 14/08/2023 19:17

Oh gosh. I had no idea it would be this long?

My son is only 11, but has been told at the last appointment he will need braces as he has a cross bite and his two front teeth stick out... he said he'd refer him in November when his final tooth had grown through.

I didn't realise the wait would be that long!!!

Mythicalcreatures · 14/08/2023 19:21

Dentist referred and took about one year to be seen by orthodontist, didn't qualify for nhs, braces fitted within the week cost £3000. As a private patient, all apps after school, which I am pleased about on a personal level however not sure of the ethics of it, only open Mon - Fri 9-5, so Minimal after school appts

poorbuthappy · 14/08/2023 19:27

I don't know what some dentists wait for all
Adult teeth to refer! Insist on being referred now and the adult will come through whilst you're on the waiting list surely?!

Fashionablylate1999 · 14/08/2023 19:40

We're in Bucks, my DC was referred in Jan this year, had the 1st orthodontist assessment in June, moulds and x-rays done in July and first set will be fitted in Sept (all NHS) so it's not that long everywhere.

IggyAce · 14/08/2023 19:43

NE and we were advised 18 month wait I think we waited around 12 months.
A friend went private and her dd cost over £2000.

CornishGem1975 · 14/08/2023 19:46

We waited four years, and that was with a pandemic in the middle. We were told 48 months and it was 48 months so I was quite pleased really as I thought lockdowns would have delayed it.

To go private was going to cost £3k and it was something we had to consider as when she was referred for braces before the 48 months wait they said when it came to it they may say it wasn't severe enough and if it was classed as cosmetic, NHS wouldn't pay.

Neighneigh · 14/08/2023 19:47

Just checked ours in north Yorkshire - referral was originally made in November 2022, son just had his moulds done, fitting in early September, so that'll be a 10 month wait for us

Ionacat · 14/08/2023 19:50

It was only a 3 month wait for us, DD was the top category and was prioritised. Others are waiting around 18 months. Surrey although other end to London!

Nothappywithnextdoor · 14/08/2023 19:52

Down south, quoted 4 years wait, DD would be 19, we opted private, £3,500, fitted within month of consultation. They do run a payment plan if needed.

Remmy123 · 14/08/2023 20:01

Oh gosh I think we will need to pay private on a payment plan 😬

I'll be in exact same boat with my other son in a couple of years too!

OP posts:
Unicorn2022 · 14/08/2023 20:02

My DD didn't qualify for NHS braces so we went private in Central London and it's costing £2500 all in for top and bottom train tracks. It took about a fortnight from deciding to proceed to getting it done, this was last month.

Roserunner · 14/08/2023 20:04

Dentist referred DC about a year ago and we eventually got an appointment in Jan to be told yes they need a brace and they'll put them on the waiting list! We knew that and thought we were already on the list!?! We were told at least 18mth wait but if we paid private they could do it straight away!

cocksstrideintheevening · 14/08/2023 22:07

SE London and despite significant overcrowding and bite issues Dts don't score enough for funding. If they did it's a five year wait. We are going private and expecting 4.5k for each of them.

Intemperatefatty · 14/08/2023 22:16

Our daughter has been referred 3 times over the past 18 months and we are still waiting for an orthodontist appointment. We’re in North Bucks, think we are probably going have to go the private route. 🙁

Trixiefirecracker · 14/08/2023 22:19

We were told a year wait but came through in 3 months.

Teddypops · 14/08/2023 22:29

Approx £5k for upper and lower in Cornwall.

Luckily we were referred 2 years ago and have just been seen.

Remmy123 · 15/08/2023 09:31

Thanks all prices seem to vary so much!

OP posts:
hadwebutworldenoughandtime · 15/08/2023 09:44

We're just coming to the end of DD's private treatment. Took 18 months (nhs wait would have been 18 months at least) and cost about £3.5k. Payment plan was 866 every quarter for a year. I would have been hapoy with nhs treatment but her friends already had their treatment started and I wanted her to be doing hers at the same time, and she would have been almost 17 when finished.

hadwebutworldenoughandtime · 15/08/2023 09:44

Also in Surrey.

SlashBeef · 15/08/2023 09:46

Our dentist has already referred my 8 year old because of the waiting lists 😬 My nearly 11 yo has been on the list since age 9 too.

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