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Mucus sick, coughing in sleep (9 month old)

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AleksandraSt · 15/02/2023 22:09

My daughter is 9 months old in a few days and she has been throwing up a few times in the last few weeks. A couple times due to something she ate and the last time was very mucus-y (12 days ago), but I assumed it was because she tried butter for the first time (we think she has a cows milk protein allergy).

Today she started to gag whilst on a walk in her pram and was able to bring up just mucus. This happened about 5-6 times. She was struggling, looked like she was choking a bit.

We managed to see a GP right then and there, she wasn't concerned about the throwing up at all, checked her breathing and ears, temperature etc. Said she seems fine.

She has also been coughing a bit in her sleep, sounding like there is perhaps some mucus in her throat that makes get choke. This has been happening for a few days or maybe longer. Could that be related? And if so, is this something that we should try and get checked over again? She isn't ill and isn't congested.

OP posts:
Firsttimemama01 · 23/11/2023 09:16

Hi I know this was ages ago but searched what you wrote because baby is the same age with the same problem. Did it go away, did anything help?

Naptrappedmummy · 23/11/2023 09:22

Mine has just had exactly this. Same age. I was worried about whooping cough or covid and GP swabbed but nothing came up. It passed but took a long time - 4 weeks or so. We pushed on with steamy bathroom and saline spray and vicks on feet. Hope your little one gets well soon.

Firsttimemama01 · 23/11/2023 11:27

Thank you! I got some baby vicks yesterday so will try it on her feet. I also got a calpol plug in and have had her in the jumperoo in the bathroom haha! Whilst I enjoy a hot steamy shower. Thanks for the tips will persevere and try. Its awful when they're poorly but my gp always starts with an intimidating 'I'm guessing you're a first time mum' when I take her so haven't this time yet.

Naptrappedmummy · 23/11/2023 12:24

Ugh how patronising of your GP. Baby is my second and I was worried so don’t feel like you’re being overly anxious. He was bringing up clear foamy mucus and actually choking on it which was the scary part. Then that subsided to a horrible snotty cough which lasted weeks. I was knackered!

Firsttimemama01 · 23/11/2023 16:34

I totally understand how tired you are right now, each cough makes the poor thing cry so we got 0 sleep for 3 nights. I did the bathroom steam earlier with some baby vicks on the floor of the shower!! Most definitely loosened up some mucus so that's great!

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