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Loosing my mind with worry - high b12

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changeuser · 25/11/2022 12:38

my son (4) has been having pains in his feet off and on sometimes waking him at night so I referred to the dr. He’s never had bloods done so she wanted to do some to see the bigger picture.
unfortunately when I took him last week he was a bit unwell (constant cough). I probably should have waited.
anyway turns out his has high 1400 of vitamin b12 in his blood and one of his white blood counts was slightly high. They want me to stop his supplements and milk as he was drinking way to much milk a day which I know is my error. I have done this but want to know if anyone has experienced similar ?
he is otherwise healthy, lively & doesn’t sit still.
I am in bits like I’ve never known with worry. The paediatrician hasn’t returned my drs calls and all they want me to do is repeat bloods in two weeks! How can this be left it doesn’t seem right.
any knowledge no matter how small might help me
thank you

OP posts:
ChangeUserAgain · 25/11/2022 12:55

Forgot to say that he is pale but has always been pale. Has bruises on his shins but they come and go.

Unseenentity · 25/11/2022 18:40

You'll see a few similar threads to this one. If you look up B12 excess online you'll find some scary content but none of that seems to be relevant to children. I asked a paediatric haematologist about this once since it clearly does happen periodically to detect it and he shrugged and said lab finding, not clinically relevant.

If he was on supplements, waiting to recheck seems an entirely sensible thing to do. If anyone suspected a serious diagnosis (based on the history, other findings, examining him) he would make it to the necessary services very quickly. And if new and relevant info comes up that is still an option.

ChangeUserAgain · 25/11/2022 23:21

i can’t thank you enough for taking the time to reply to me. Really helpful and reassuring. Hopefully I can get some sleep now.
Thanks again 💐

Shel81 · 28/02/2023 09:03

Hi. If you don’t mind me asking, what unit was the b12 measured ? My sons was 369ng/L. Am not understanding it because on they pg/ml. He also has bruises on shin that come and go, but gp said that is normal with a child his age.

Marmalade786 · 23/11/2023 23:04

Hi, did you ever have any update with this? My son has the exact same issues! He wakes up crying at night from aching feet and had high B12 in his blood test

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