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Small pea sized node on baby’s head - help!

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Strusel · 30/06/2022 21:03

A couple of days ago I was feeding my 5 mo baby and stroking her head and felt a very small node on her head. After much googling, I’ve concluded that it is an occipital lymph node from the placement of it. You can’t actually see it, and sometimes I have to search for it as it is small. It moves easily and is soft.
She is absolutely fine in herself - hitting milestones and gaining weight etc. and we have just started weaning, all going well. She has had a bit of a cough and cold recently so I’m wondering if the node could have popped up because of that? She’s also just cut one tooth and I can see the second one just about to poke through.
Im just panicking because it’s a lump on her head and I’ve no experience with this. Has anyone ever dealt with this before?
I will obviously consult my GP - just posting on here too.
Oh and also sometimes I lose faith with GP’s… depends who I get to see… is this something a HV would know about too? Thanks.

OP posts:
puupy14 · 30/06/2022 21:09

My little one had this a few months ago, I took him to the GP and they said it was a lymph node that was in response to him fighting off a virus, he'd been unwell with a cough and cold at the time.
I kept an eye on it and it went when he was feeling well again, although they do come back if he's been poorly.
The GP thought it was odd that I'd noticed it in the first place and couldn't understand why I'd been stroking his head Hmm

Ask your Gp about it anyway but I'm sure all will be okay Smile

Strusel · 30/06/2022 21:33

@puupy14 thank you very much for replying so quickly!
Did you panic when you found it? I'm panicking Confused

OP posts:
puupy14 · 30/06/2022 22:34

Sorry only just seen this!
Yes completely panicked when I first noticed them! And googled it obviously ha

I rang the GP and they got me in straight away and said it was nothing to worry about, he also had enlarged lymph nodes in his groin at the same time again as a result of being poorly.

Just give the GP a call and they will be able to put your mind at rest xx

Vimto1991 · 29/07/2022 07:19

@Strusel how did it go with the GP? My 7 week old has two tiny nodes on her head, but hasn’t had an infection so I’m beyond worried. 😞

Strusel · 29/07/2022 08:06

@Vimto1991 The GP told me it was a bit of fatty tissue that would resolve itself as she grows!
There are loads of threads on here about people finding lumps and bumps on their babies heads and it being lymph nodes, benign cysts, gristle etc. so it does seem quite common.
Definitely see the GP today for peace of mind so you’re not worried over the weekend - and I am certain you don’t have anything to worry about 😀

OP posts:
Mumofone2023 · 22/11/2023 07:12

Hey just wondering if all resolved itself? My daughter is 6 months and has the same - two of them. GP said to keep an eye.

n33dmor3sl33p · 22/11/2023 07:30

Yes - I took her to the GP and he said it was a cyst and that babies heads can be lumpy and as she grows it will sort of grow out? I haven't thought about it in a long time but last time I felt for it I couldn't find it! She's almost two now.

If your baby has two, I would be even more reassured tbh because there are lymph nodes called occipital lymph nodes which are harmless and often show up in babies especially if teething etc.

Hope you're doing ok, it's all very stressful isn't it Grin

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