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Pigeon chest (with photo)

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tinylittlecaterpillar · 30/06/2022 18:44

Any idea if I should be concerned about my 5 year olds chest?
It sticks out on one side, as in the bone seems bigger on one side.
It started becoming noticeable at about 2.5 years old, but with covid etc I've not had it checked.
Had a friend comment on it today.

Pigeon chest (with photo)
Pigeon chest (with photo)
OP posts:
tinylittlecaterpillar · 30/06/2022 18:44

I've done a bit of Googling that says he might need some sort of brace?

OP posts:
MolliciousIntent · 30/06/2022 18:46

That does not look like a normal ribcage to me. Please make a GP appointment or call your HV.

tinylittlecaterpillar · 30/06/2022 18:47

Oh god. Now I feel a bit neglectful. I presumed it was just one of those things.

OP posts:
Lalosalamanca · 30/06/2022 18:47

Not normal..see gp.

doodlejump1980 · 30/06/2022 18:48

How’s his spine? Doesn’t sgoliosis sometimes present with ribs being pushed out of position? Hope you get it sorted op.

tinylittlecaterpillar · 30/06/2022 18:49

His spine is fine as far as I can tell. I'll definitely get him an appointment tomorrow.

OP posts:
MolliciousIntent · 30/06/2022 18:49

When was your last HV check? Did nursery not notice it?

tinylittlecaterpillar · 30/06/2022 18:51

No no-ones really mentioned it. My sister is a nurse and never said anything about it. My MIL asked if we'd noticed it.
Nothing had ever been said at nursery, swimming, gymnastics etc.

OP posts:
tinylittlecaterpillar · 30/06/2022 18:53

Here's the spine...

Pigeon chest (with photo)
OP posts:
carefullycourageous · 30/06/2022 18:53
MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 30/06/2022 18:54

I'd get that checked OP, might just be one of those things but best let a medical bod see him.

gegs73 · 30/06/2022 18:59

My DB has a pigeon chest. When he was young, it looked like the side your DS has which sticks out more, but was symmetrical so the same both sides. I’ve just read about it online about breathing problems etc with it but he has never had anything like that. He definitely didn’t have any sort of back brace at all. Other than being a bit self conscious of it when he was young he has never had any difficulties. As he got older and musclier it’s not really noticeable, it just looks like he has a muscly chest. I’ve not thought about it for years.

tinylittlecaterpillar · 30/06/2022 19:00

Thanks @gegs73 I feel a bit more reassured now.
I think it's just because it's asymmetrical that it looks strange.
I'll definitely get him checked out though.

OP posts:
Triotriotrio · 30/06/2022 19:03

My DP has a chest like that... He's the fittest most athletic person I know! Regularly rides 200 miles a week and does martial arts. I'd get it check but not fret on it!

Amid · 30/06/2022 19:08

My DS has this. He/we didn't notice it until he was 16 - so many it only became apparent then.

He's had xrays and an mri just to ensure it isnt causing heart issues (it's not) and that's the end of it.

tinylittlecaterpillar · 30/06/2022 19:14

Thanks all. I'll get it checked and try not to panic!

OP posts:
FoodieToo · 30/06/2022 19:34

Hi OP, pectus carinatum or 'pigeon chest' is quite common. My son had it . He got a brace at the London Orthotics Clinic in Kingston. We live in Dublin so travelled over for it . This type of chest does not cause breathing issues, it's when the chest is inverted and that's called pectus excavatum.
My son actually needed two braces which were quite uncomfortable but the treatment was very fast.
His chest is perfect now. It's only a cosmetic issue but the correction has really improved my son's confidence.
Have a search here and you will find some discussions about it .

Oblomov22 · 30/06/2022 19:48

Check with GP. Is the fact the shoulders shown on the back picture, such a different shape and in a different position, not an issue aswell?

tinylittlecaterpillar · 30/06/2022 19:54

His shoulders are just the way he's standing. They're symmetrical usually.

OP posts:
Rabbit427 · 17/11/2023 05:47

My chest been like this my whole life I’m 26 now . No doctor has ever said anything to me about it

GazzaGernon · 03/01/2024 07:04

This is pectus carinatum. It is more common than you'd imagine (in both males and females). It is almost always completely harmless and does not carry the same risks as pectus excavatum (when the chest is sunken in). It can however cause emotional anxiety and insecurities in later life. I have the same and managed to almost completely mask it with bodybuilding but, as some have mentioned, it can be corrected with a brace too.

RuthW · 03/01/2024 07:30

Maybe scoliosis? My dd wasn't diagnosed until her 20s. It doesn't cause her any problems. Make an appointment with the gp.

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