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Which breathing monitor - reflux choking

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Scottishnewmum · 06/03/2022 18:57

I am sure my six week old has silent reflux, and it causes her to choke sometimes when sleeping on her back. I am trying to get her diagnosed, but it's frustratingly slow. In the meantime, I am so worried about the choking episodes.

I have an Owlet, but it's rubbish as whenever my baby "wiggles" there are no readings. The Owlet only alerts me after two minutes of "wiggling" so if she was choking (and she does "wiggle" when she chokes) it would be useless, as two minutes would be too late.

I've been looking at other monitors like the Sense-U and Nanit, but don't want to splash out so much money if there would be any similar issues. Does anyone have a better breathing monitor than the Owlet that alerts you much more quickly if the baby stops breathing even when moving a lot?

OP posts:
Flareonsbox · 06/03/2022 19:13

How long are you leaving her after a feed before laying her on her back? I'm asking because both of my kids had reflux and neither had an issue with choking on their backs. I used to leave them as upright as possible for about an hour after feeds to avoid anything like that happening. I think you've better doing that than relying on a monitor.

PinkPlantCase · 06/03/2022 19:19

Isn’t baby in the same room as you anyway though? Especially that young.

Everyone I know who bought a breathing monitor used it for a bit and then turned it off because it caused them too much worry when it went off for no good reason.

Scottishnewmum · 06/03/2022 19:28

This happens a couple of hours after a feed. I do keep her upright. And right now I would be fine with false alarms as right now I am not sleeping at all.

OP posts:
Grace185 · 07/03/2022 10:59

100% recommend the Snuza Hero! We got it as my little guy has a lung problem known about before birth so got it as a way to help us sleep at night knowing we’d be told if he stopped breathing.

It clips onto his nappy and is the only medically certified monitor like it. It basically senses his breathing movements and if it didn’t pick any movement up in 15 secs it vibrates to help rouse the baby and if it gets nothing for a further 5 secs there’s an alarm. We’ve had false alarms and it definitely wakes you up.

It can only be used in the bed and not the car or anything and It doesn’t monitor anything else like the owlet but it’s currently £90 so much cheaper! I highly recommend it for peace of mind!

Grace185 · 07/03/2022 11:02

Also re false alarms I don’t ever get why people says it makes them worry more. Surely it’s lovely to find out it was a false alarms after hearing it? I personally finds it lets me sleep as I know I’ll be woken up if he needs me. And with the Souza we’ve only ever had one night with false alarms and that was because we didn’t put his nappy on well so it slipped. He’s 4.5 months and we’ve used it every night.

RandomQuest · 07/03/2022 11:12

Nanit I don’t rate at all. You have to use their proprietary sleep wear. The swaddles are a horrible cheap fabric and I can never get it to sit correctly. The band you use on its own struggles to stay in place with a wriggly sleeper. We got so many red alerts that disturbed everyone’s sleep in the early hours. Our camera is on a stand and has to get it within range it has to be pushed up against the cot but at 11 months DS was able to topple it into his bed and attempt to eat the camera. We’re in a rental right now so can’t walk mount it. By contest we really like Owlet but I know what you mean about the wiggling and understand why that’s a problem for you. I don’t have another recommendation but I would say whatever that you do, don’t get the Nanit.

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