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Multivitamin for 3 year old

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FourCandelabras · 17/06/2020 08:01

My 3 year old won’t eat any fruit or veg, except in a purée, so whilst we try to tackle that one (!), would really like to give her a daily multivitamin. Currently she’s taking the Healthy start vitamin D mix, but would like one which has more vitamins in it. Have tried the gummy ones, but she refuses to eat any sweets and unfortunately these aren’t an exception! Any suggestions gratefully received!

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winningattwinning · 17/06/2020 11:26

I'm pleased you've asked this op. Same issue with one of my 3y old twins. We use and always have since stopping formula the Haliborange Vitamin Liquid. Unsure if it's adequate on its own though.

Oly4 · 17/06/2020 11:27

The haliborange multivitamins with calcium and iron are a winner with all my kids. Orange flavour

Bert2020 · 17/06/2020 11:29

Same with my dd, will not entertain them so we use the abidec multivitamin, only 0.6 ml needed but we have to put it in a drink for her to take it.

FourCandelabras · 17/06/2020 20:15

Such good suggestions, and so good to know I am not alone Grin
I will probably try them all until one is acceptable to her Wink

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