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Buried penis... anxious Mum :(

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Worriedmum0959 · 27/03/2020 06:46

I am hoping someone can reassure me or help if they’ve had experience with this.

My son is 15moths old and has always been quite a skinny baby but the whole of his shaft and a bit of the head of his penis is hidden behind his fat pad. If i push the fat pad down it pops out and looks more normal sized but at the moment it looks more like a jelly tot.

At one off his initial checks it was picked up by the midwife and we saw a pediatrician who just said it’s fine and I was quite upset at the time with worry that I just didn’t question anything but as time has gone on I’ve become more and more anxious worrying for him that he’s going to get really bullied and if there will be problems later in life. I know this will seriously affect his mental health and it just makes me feel so awful.

I’ve tried to do some research but can’t find a lot of information and just not sure what to do. Some things I read say this could resolve over time but I think that’s more when weight is the issue and as I said my son has never been a heavy baby. Other things I read say an operation is necessary. Does anyone have experience with this or know someone who has?

Any help would be much appreciated. X

OP posts:
teast394 · 28/03/2020 07:09

It's not unusual, just make sure he knows how to pop it out when he starts toilet training. Chances are it will make its own way out as he stretches out, maybe not as much as other boys but as long as he has enough shaft to aim that's the main thing. I'm guessing he's circumcised?

Worriedmum0959 · 28/03/2020 07:26

No he’s not circumcised so normally it seems like it’s just the foreskin that sticks out, not much of the penis at all but it’s definitely there when you press down around it. I think when you start reading things online you work yourself up about them and I just really worry about his self esteem. Thankyou so much for replying. Even just hearing from someone that it’s not uncommon helps.

OP posts:
bobstersmum · 28/03/2020 07:50

Hi op, I think I would try and wait until we have coronavirus under control and then I'd take him to the gp , im not sure what can be done but if you are worried then you are right to take him.

Worriedmum0959 · 28/03/2020 07:52

Thankyou. Yeah I wouldn’t take him right now with what is going on but I may have to once we are over the worst of this.

OP posts:
Oceanbliss · 28/03/2020 08:02

Worriedmum0959 I hope the following puts your mind at ease. I copied and pasted a paragraph from the link below.

Treatment for buried penis

If it does not improve on its own or is causing problems, your child should be referred to a urologist. Older children are usually referred for treatment because of cosmetic reasons.
If treatment is required, the buried penis can be successfully treated by:
applying an anti-inflammatory medicine, such as betamethasone, to the area.
Many different surgical techniques can also help. Talk to your child's doctor to learn about possible treatment options for your child.

teast394 · 28/03/2020 08:25

Just make sure he is actually able to grab the shaft once he starts toilet training, otherwise aiming will be very difficult. If it pops out as you say he should be fine but if there is nothing to grab he might not be able to stand and wee properly.

Worriedmum0959 · 28/03/2020 08:35

Thankyou so much everyone. X

OP posts:
hashtagblessed1985 · 02/07/2021 13:39

@Worriedmum0959 how is your son doing now, I appreacite the thread is a couple of years old? I would strongly recommend that you see a paediatric urologist (NOT a general urologist, it must be an experienced paediatric one). The good news is that if it it buried penis, the problem is fixable. The bad news is an operation is likely needed. Please please make sure you speak to an expert about this and don't get fobbed off that your child "will likely grow out of it". If anyone says that to you ask if they've seen with their own eyes a child ever having grown out of it. I cant stress enough how important it is that you see a paediatric urologist with experience of this precise condition. Find one you are happy with and trust. A general urologist will likely not have enough experience. I don't want to out myself too much but it's probably apparent by now that I have been through what you have been through with a family member. It took years before I got answers that I should have got much sooner. I'll say it louder experienced PAEDIATRIC urologist needed

hashtagblessed1985 · 02/07/2021 13:55

like you say @Worriedmum0959 - this is one of the few conditions where there's practically nothing online in relation to children. Buried penis in an overweight adult is a totally different condition. The relief once you speak to experienced paediatric urologists is immediate. If is the the condition you think it is, they will spot it straight away and know what to do. It is relatively rare so the vast majority of GPs, health visitors and general urologists will have no idea. Thats why it is so important you see an experienced paediatric urologist and not a general urology consultant.

JenM23 · 04/01/2023 05:01

Hey, my son has this condition and I’ve seen a few different pediatric urologists - they all say it will resolve on its own. The dimmest outlook was that it won’t resolve until puberty.
Not one has even been willing to speak surgery with me.
I am obviously still concerned and going through threads - at this point looking for other mom to tell me how they helped their son through this condition- and if I’m fact it did resolve - what they did until it did - and well I would love to hear how it went for you since it seems maybe your son did have a surgery ?
If so I would really appreciate any information you have on that.

JenM23 · 04/01/2023 05:11

Hi worried mum ..
I’m in the same position you were in 2 years ago. It must have been so difficult until going through that and not being able to see any doctors at the time due to covid.
Im wondering how are you and your son doing today ?
any advice you have would be greatly appreciated and we can chat privately if you prefer.
please Pm me if you are interested in having someone to discuss with.

Coffeebeans24 · 22/09/2023 20:59

This reply is for anyone searching the boards with the same concerns. My son had this, I was super anxious but everything's fine at the age of two exactly like the medical team said. So try not to worry if the doctors say things should get better

StrawberryCheesecake97 · 05/10/2023 01:57

my Son has the same issue, I’m so stressed out that he will need surgery. He is over 2 years old and not a chubby child at all. I’m really concerned. Did anyone’s son have to have an op for it?

JenM23 · 05/10/2023 06:11

Hey @StrawberryCheesecake97
my son still has it and he’s nearly 2 (22 months). it’s coming out a little. so it did improve but it’s still not what one would expect.
have you spoken to doctors , what has been their advice ?
I try really hard to not stress about it but as we are approaching potty training i’m really starting to panic and of course the worries about his awareness as he gets older.

The doctors wouldn’t even consider operating.
mine doctor said we can recircumsise when he’s about 5 because that apparently made it worse - another story there. very regretful one. but too much skin was left and it pushed it more down i think. so basically he said he will remove the excess and “tack it back” (whatever that means) to make it stay out. He was prob one of the most qualified doctors of all that we’ve seen. so i don’t know … will visit him again next year and see his opinion on progress .. he also told me it prob wouldn’t resolve totally until puberty.

Another doctor strongly advised against surgery and said it has very unfavorable results down the line - however he was only describing the lipo surgery.
No one has yet discussed the one i see when i research.

They all down play it. but i too am very worried about when the pampers years come to an end.

What have your doctors told you ? As you can tell i’m very easter to speak to another mother about this.

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