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Newborn with a nasal blockage - need to write it down

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MilkComa · 25/09/2018 23:59

I'm struggling. Dc is nearly a month old and Since birth has made a horrible noise when breathing, their airway is clearly obstructed. At 2 days they were admitted to the children's ward for observation and had NG tubes attempted to be put down their nose, one side failed completely and the other was cleared. This then left to a scope being put down their nose by an ENT consultant, there is nothing worse than having to grip your tiny newborn tightly with the help of a nurse to stop them being hurt during a horrific procedure.

Again one side cleared the other blocked. We go back in November to give DC a chance to grow out of it.

Meanwhile we are struggling with feeding issues and sleep issues. DC panics if they fall asleep breathing through the blocked side and screams and sounds like they're suffocating as they drop off but doesn't sleep until they are breathing through the other side. It's horrible to watch and listen to and no one seems to be able to help. We keep getting told speak to ENT when you see them next but no one is listening to us now. Just acknowledging DC's airway is very clearly blocked and just get on with it.

I'm so stressed and worried by it all. They have mentioned the possibility it's Choanal Atresia and if it is will mean surgery at some point. I can't find much information online about the condition other than its very rare.

Currently tearing my hair out after another round of poor feeding and struggling to get DC to sleep and needed to get this down.

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KingIrving · 26/09/2018 06:19

Pubmed is the reference for medical paper .
Most articles are locked behind subscription walls so you can only read the abstract.
I will PM you

Jchapman1991 · 26/09/2023 22:28

Hello, please can you reply with recent news of your daughter? My 2 year old was born the same and had 4 operations before 6 month but they didn't work. Not sure on how to help her next and who can support or advise.

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