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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

What books do your 10 year old DSs read?

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MorocconOil · 29/06/2010 21:20

DS 1 who is 10 has devoured the Percy Jackson books. It's been great for him lying in bed relaxing with a good book. Now he's finished them, I am keen to keep him in the habit of a long read at bedtime.

Does anyone know of other books of the same ilk as Percy Jackson?

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stressedHEmum · 29/06/2010 23:37

Artemis Fowl, Ranger's Apprentice, Skulduggery Pleasant, Spiderwicke Chronicles, Narnia books, Redwall, Alex Ryder, Unfortunate Events, Garth Nix books (depends on maturity of thee child,) All my boys loved all of these at that age. I will try to think of some more.

Even I like Artemis and will be reading the new one when it comes out, after the 3 older boys are finished with it.

MorocconOil · 30/06/2010 12:51

Thanks stressed! That's a great list. I'm going to go and get some Armetis. Is it a whole series?(hoping they will see us through a peaceful holiday in France!)

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JeffVadar · 30/06/2010 14:40

Cressida Cowell's Hiccup books,
Artemis Fowl,
William Nicolson Windsinger books
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness
Philip Reeve Mortal Engines books

Katisha · 30/06/2010 14:50

There's a new one from the author of Percy Jackson set in Egypt this time.

Also ALex Ryder series excellent.

LIZS · 30/06/2010 19:37

The Edge Chronicles, Barnaby Grimes

stressedHEmum · 30/06/2010 21:28

I forgot about HIccup, they're fab as well. I think that Windsinger might be a little bit old for a 10 year old, my boys were a little older, but it depends on the child. I really liked them, also Phillip Pullman (but not Sally Lockhart books.) Some of Robin Jarvis's books might be suitable, also The Scent of Magic by Cliff Mcnish.

DS2 LOVED Edge Chronicles, also Broken Sky.

Septimus Heap is good as is the Seven Fabulous Wonders series. The Bartimaeus trilogy by Johnathon Stroud was very popular in here, as well. If he likes Arthurian stuff, you can't beat Kevin Crossley-Holland. Also the Warriors of Alavna/Camlann. If he likes a scare, the Deptford Mice books are cool. Roman Mysteries are really good as are Rosemary Sutcliffe's books. I also like the Children of the Lamp series. My favourite, apart from Artemis, though is Garth Nix. ALl his books are brilliant, but maybe just a little to old for a 10 year old. I loved his Abhorsen trilogy, but in retrospect, I would maybe wait a year or two. I also like the Diamond Brothers books by Anthony Horowitz. They are hilarious.

Artemis is a whole series of 6 books, at the moment. The next one is out nest month. You have to read them in order, but that isn't a hardship. I will keep thinking. I think that we have read almost every fantasy/history/myth type book ever written for this age group.

MorocconOil · 30/06/2010 21:46

I like the sound of Horowitz. He likes a bit of humour and loved Captain Underpants when he was younger, He does get vivid nightmares though and was too frightened to go to sleep after he'd read the last Percy Jackson. Are they scary? I 've not read them as I don't like that kind of fantasy stuff.

He likes Alex Rider so I'll get more of them.
Who wrote Children of the Lamp?

OP posts:
stressedHEmum · 30/06/2010 22:33

Diamond Brothers aren't scary at all. They are about a boy and his brother who is an absolutely useless PI. They used to make my boys laugh out loud. If he gets a bit scared, stay clear of Garth Nix for just now, also perhaps Cliff McNish. I found them a bit creepy, but the boys didn't. Robin Jarvis is also a bit scary.

P.B.Kerr wrote the Children of the Lamp books.

You could also try the Stravaganza books, The Thief Lord or books by Dianne Wynne Jones. I used to read all the boys books, sadly enough, because I quite like a bit of fantasy and I don't like having to think much before I go to bed.

basildonbond · 03/07/2010 21:04

ds (10) is currently working his way through the Edge Chronicles - he loves them

southeastastra · 03/07/2010 21:06

pokemon annual 1996

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