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Good audio books/music for a 2 y/o

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Takver · 26/05/2010 16:48

Looking for a birthday present for a 2 y/o, I've found a CD of Kipper read by Dawn French, but I wondered if anyone had any other suggestions of CDs that their 2 year olds like?
Either stories or songs/music would be nice, I think, or maybe a combination of the two . . . (And not too annoying for grown-ups!)

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GoldenSnitch · 26/05/2010 22:49

DS has a box set of Harry and the Dinosaurs books with a story CD in that he enjoys.

We also have the Kipper ones and he loves those.

Lots and lots of books come with CD's these days. We also have "Penguin", a few Oliver Jeffers books (lovely stories, lovely illustrations) and Sir Charlie Stinky Socks (great for little boys) to name a few.

Would recommend them all.

Takver · 27/05/2010 09:17

Glad to hear he likes Kipper - in fact I went with those in the end. This time round I didn't want to get books with CDs as his family is mid-move to a v. small house - so looking for the smallest possible present

Will look out for the others you mention though for later on!

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nannynick · 31/05/2010 10:25

smallest possible present - I have a tiny MP3 player which must be the size of a matchbox thought probably smaller. On it we have various audio books, some which I brought on CD, some which I created from Radio broadcasts. We use it in the car as the car radio as an Aux input.

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