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Little Women unabridged copy

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nwmum · 19/05/2010 08:36


my y2 dd has just finished an Usborne reader version of "Little Women" as a class reader and is now very very keen to read a proper long copy. Which copy version would you recommend? Local library has a Wordswoth classic version which looks heavy going. Are the Oxford Children classics unabridged?

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madamehooch · 19/05/2010 12:06


All unabridged versions are going to be the same original text - it will just be a question of font size and layout - some will be easier on the eye than others. It really does depend on what part of the Wordsworth classic you consider to be 'heavy going' - if it is the content and wording, then she may not be ready for the unabridged version at 6/7 - there is a huge difference between the Usborne reader and the original.

Why don't you try the 'Hear it Read it' version - ISBN 978-1402211690. Although this is an abridged version, it has more to it than the Usborne reader version and also has a CD with it.

If you want an unabridged version, then the hardback Oxford Children's classic (ISBN 978-0192720016) is probably the most user friendly on the eye.

It's a wonderful book and I hope you find a version which will continue your daughter's love of it.

nwmum · 19/05/2010 14:05

I've looked at the Oxford Classic on Amazon and the font and layout is much better. I'll go with that

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