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New online children's book group - lots of freebies!!

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jlr1 · 01/05/2010 14:40


May sees the official launch month of our online book group -, so we've lots of free books and chances to interview authors as prizes. Please take a look now and get children and teens babbling!


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CuppaTeaJanice · 01/05/2010 14:58


jlr1 · 01/05/2010 15:48

Thank you!

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PlumBumMum · 01/05/2010 16:09

Had a look and sorry but found your website abit confusing

register is stuck in a corner

I clicked on the first book that you said you had 5 copies to give away, expecting some sort of registeration process and it just gave me another photo

Is it solely aimed at people on facebook and Twitter?

jlr1 · 01/05/2010 16:33


Sorry you found it confusing. I'll look into adding another, bigger register button, so thanks for that feedback.

If you read down the freebies post, you'll see that all you need to do is register with us to be entered into draws for freebies, so no, it's not just aimed at FB and twitter followers.

Thanks for taking the time to look at it and for posting this feedback

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CuppaTeaJanice · 02/05/2010 18:05

Yes the old version was confusing - I thought I'd registered last night. The site even sent me a confirmation email with a link. However when I went to have another look today it asked me for a username and password, which I hadn't been asked for yesterday. So I've registered again - hopefully it has worked this time!!

jlr1 · 02/05/2010 19:23


Glad it seems better now. You've definitely registered now, as I can see you on the user list. I can only think that you clicked to subscribe to the emails via feedburner yesterday - could this be it? Anyway, hopefully it's much better now, thanks to PlumBumMum's comment!
Thanks for the support

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