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The Worst Witch

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Nightshoe · 16/04/2010 19:26

Would the Worst Witch books be ok for a just 4 year old? DD likes witches and I wonder if these would be ok or above her head. I remember Mildred Hubble from when I was a child, but I can't remember what they are like at all!

OP posts:
Acanthus · 16/04/2010 19:28

They'll be a bit over her head - they're all about school. Save them until she's started school.

Nightshoe · 16/04/2010 19:28

Can I just clarify, for me to read to her obviously, not for her to read!

OP posts:
IngridFletcher · 16/04/2010 19:28

They would be above my 4 year olds's head. I read one to DS when he has just turned 6 and he enjoyed it.

TheFirstLady · 16/04/2010 19:28

I think probably they would be better in year or two, but you could try them and see. Has she read any Winnie the Witch books? - those are ideal for a four to five year old.

Nightshoe · 16/04/2010 19:31

Ok, I suspected that might be the case. Winnie the Witch is a great substitution thought, I'd forgotten those, thank you all!

OP posts:
italianbook · 19/04/2010 11:55

The Witch's Children is another good witch themed series of picture books. There are also new first Winnie chapter books which will be perfect if she is ready for a slightly longer story.
Try for advice.

basildonbond · 20/04/2010 12:47

have you looked at the Ms Wiz books? short chapters and quite funny - I agree that your dd wouldn't get much out of the Worst Witch books just yet - they really need to have an understanding of what school's all about

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