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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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stories about sharing

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verybusyspider · 13/03/2010 22:17

ds1 (3yrs) loves 'reading' and is rubbish at sharing with his brothers and others at preschool, I'm looking for books that will reinforce the message - any ideas?

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misspollysdolly · 13/03/2010 23:22

I love using story books strategically with my children and also at work! I came across a really fab book about friendships/sharing/bossiness, etc in a charity shop not long ago called 'Is that what friends do?' - I would highly recommend it if you can find it!

misspollysdolly · 13/03/2010 23:27

Link for this is here MPD

verybusyspider · 13/03/2010 23:34

thanks, ordered off ebay

any one else?

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madcapmyrtle · 14/03/2010 15:14

This is a nice book I bought for DD to encourage sharing - available used on Amazon.

verybusyspider · 18/03/2010 22:48

misspolly I got the book you recommended today in post, its lovely, looking forward to sharing it with him

madcap ordered that one too - thanks x

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