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No glitter books are they out there??

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sgd · 13/03/2010 22:02

I have a 7 year old girl to buy books for, but she is a 'tom boy' through and through. What modern books are there on the market for her? We've done the Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl books. Does anyone else have this problem? Help!!!

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ButterPie · 13/03/2010 23:48

Pippi longstocking? Have you looked on the book people or usbourne websites?

basildonbond · 13/03/2010 23:59

my 7 year old dd loves pink and fluffy stuff but she also loves pretty much anything by Jeremy Strong, Dick King-Smith, the Daisy and the trouble with ... series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and sequels and the Cressida Cowell Viking books

MrsTicklemouse · 14/03/2010 00:03

Tracey Beaker

TrowelAndError · 14/03/2010 00:06

Look for the Judy Moody books by Megan McDonald. Judy Moody is not a pink and fluffy sort of girl.

Takver · 14/03/2010 18:47

I have a 7 year old girl (tho nearly 8 now) - she likes loads of stuff, but recent favourites include Astrosaurs, Capt. Underpants, Cressida Cowell's viking books and the Horrible Science/Murderous Maths/Horrible Geography books. None of which are pink or fluffy

dolphindotty · 15/03/2010 23:12

'Demon Defenders' by Jake Lancing seems aimed at boys but has some girls in there too, it sounds strange - young angels being sent down to the human world until they have learned to behave but it's funny and well-written with great characters. My nine-year-old dd has loved all of them so far. There's also Andy Stanton and Jeremy Strong - both great authors for both boys and girls. Helena Pielichaty's Girls FC series for girls who like football. Apart from Girls FC though, I wouldn't say there are many books aimed specifically at tomboy girls, it's usually a case of finding a 'boys' series that appeals or of course there are lots of animal books that aren't particularly glittery. Good luck!

melpomene · 17/03/2010 00:26

I just recommended the Go Girl! series on another thread! The stories are about girls in real-life situations, with no fluff or magic unicorns.

BertieBotts · 17/03/2010 01:21

How about the horrible science/horrible histories series? I used to love the horrible science, they not only teach science but a decent sense of humour

madwomanintheattic · 17/03/2010 02:33

dd1 decided to read the hp books - but tbh she'll read anything, and will quite happily go as pink and glittery as the next girl. that said, ds1 won't read hp, but happily ploughs through magic bleeding kittens.

nickelbabe · 19/03/2010 15:11

the Humphrey books by Betty Birney are good: non-gender. (about a class hamster)

also, Judy Blume has done some ones for younger readers: the Pain and The Great One.

You can't go wrongwith Anne Fine (Diary of aKiller cat, How to Write really badly, Bill's new frock: be careful though because she writes for all ages: those ones listed are suitable for 6-8 YOs.)

nickelbabe · 19/03/2010 15:12

oh, Humphrey books are already on my website! [shameless plug]
go to children's books 6 upwards

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