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Can you help identify this book?

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5Foot5 · 30/01/2010 17:03

DD read a book at her previous school which she would very much like to track down and read again. Trouble is she can remember neither the title nor the author! We wondered if anyone recognized this book from the following synopisis:

A girl and her family live in an American village in a past century. There is an outbreak of diptheria and people start to become ill and die. Then the girl's mother takes her to one side and explains to her that they are actually living in the 20th century and the village is a historical theme village which people visit to observe life in the past. None of the children know this as they have been brought up there. The adults were paid to go there and had to sign secrecy forms to say they wouldn't leave. The mother wants the girl to get out and bring help in the form of modern medicine.On the outside she is a fugitive until she gets help from the newspapers.

OP posts:
Chillohippi · 30/01/2010 18:46

No idea, but it sounds good.

Shitemum · 30/01/2010 18:59

there s a site somewhere where you can type in the plot and it tell syou the name of the book

AngryPixie · 30/01/2010 19:01

Don't know it but it sounds a bit like the Movie the village

I don't know if that was based on a book?

Shitemum · 30/01/2010 19:05

i googled your entire second paragraph and got this

its about half way down the pdf

Shitemum · 30/01/2010 19:07

title is.
Running Out of Time
Margaret Peterson Haddix

5Foot5 · 31/01/2010 17:50

DD says thankyou to the nice MNetters for their help

That is the one!!

OP posts:
TheFirstLady · 01/02/2010 14:40

That sounds like a book my DD2 would enjoy.

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