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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Books for teenage girls

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janeite · 17/10/2009 21:34

Have put this in children's but suspect that actually I may want some adult recs too.

DD1 is 14 - which books should I get her for Christmas? This year she has read all of the Twilight series plus Host; all of Jane Austen's; I Capture The Castle; To Kill A Mocking Bird; a couple of Georgette Heyers (but didn't like them); A Gathering Light and various other teenage things etc.

What next please?

And what for dd2 who is 12?

OP posts:
bamboostalks · 17/10/2009 22:53

These are not classics per se but they are very special books for teens that I remember reading.

Jacob I Have Loved by Katherine Paterson
Wild Swans by Eva Ibbotson
Mel by Liz Berry (highly recommended)
Cloudy Bright by John Rowe Townsend

I loved all of the above as a teen but there are some great recent ones below which I have enjoyed. She may have read them but I would highly rate them to others.

Before I Die by Jenny Downham
Just Listen by Sara Dessen (really loved by many teens)
Noughts and crosses by Malorie Blackman
Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver
My Desperate Love Diary by Liz Rettig
How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

teamcullen · 17/10/2009 23:05

DD has read the Twilight saga to death this year.

Shes now reading The Vampire Diarys which she is loving and is soon to be realised as a tv series.

janeite · 17/10/2009 23:12

Before I Die by Jenny Downham - dd1 has read it but not dd2

Just Listen by Sara Dessen (really loved by many teens) - I don't know of this one - will look

Noughts and crosses by Malorie Blackman - both read it

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver - both read it

My Desperate Love Diary by Liz Rettig - googling this one now

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff - dd1 has read it

Thank you - deffo on the right lines.

I think they've both had their fill of vampires now. DD1 has read P&P with Zombies too and loved it - and Sense And Sensibility With Seamonsters!

OP posts:
LadyGlencoraPalliser · 18/10/2009 12:15

Has anyone said Flambards? Agree with Anna about Greengage Summer. If she likes vampires, what about Anne Rice, or is that too strong for a 14-year-old, ages since I read them and can't remember.
If your DD2 hasn't read much of Eva Ibbotson's older books (A Company of Swans etc) get thee over to Book People and order their brilliant 5-book set.

janeite · 18/10/2009 13:37

Eva I v good suggestion - it's in my shopping basket!

Not Ann Rice - she's had enough of vampires now I think and tbh I don't think they're much good.

Does anybody rate Celia Rees? I didn't think much of the one I read but they have a set of hers available too.

OP posts:
BonsoirAnna · 18/10/2009 13:53

Flambards! I was looking for that word! Very good.

janeite · 18/10/2009 13:59

Flambards is on the list. They're both read the first one - what are the others called?

OP posts:
TheFoosa · 18/10/2009 14:16

my dn is also 14, she raids my bookshelves all the time, has recently enjoyed:

memoirs of a geisha
the thirteenth tale
small island
ivy - Julie Hearn

janeite · 18/10/2009 14:19

Ooh I liked Ivy - have met Julie Hearn - she was v nice. Her others are good too but the only one I can remember at the moment is 'Follow Me Down'. Does your dd like Linda Newberry as well? She is v good.

OP posts:
TheFoosa · 18/10/2009 14:19

she also loves The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

lucysnowe · 18/10/2009 14:26

The Changeover - Margaret Mahy - a really lovely book for teenage girls, all about how lovely puberty is etc. seriously, tho, it's excellent. ALSO P&P and some Georgette Heyers.

LadyGlencoraPalliser · 18/10/2009 14:35

The next two Flambards books are The Edge of the Clouds and Flambards in Summer. The last one is Flambards Divided which was written much later I think.
Celia Rees - I quite liked Witch Child and Sorceress. I must give them to DD1 and see what she thinks. Also Ivy, thanks for reminding me, I got it a couple of years ago and had put it away for later.

janeite · 18/10/2009 14:41

Thank you.

Witch Child is the one I read and didn't like much; totally forget why now though.

I think another Julie Hearn one might be called The Merryweather or something like that.

How old is your dd? Has she read the Across The Nightingale Floor series? They are brilliant.

OP posts:
LadyGlencoraPalliser · 18/10/2009 14:44

DD is 12. No she hasn't read Across the Nightingale Floor. Who are they by? I'm trying to start putting the Christmas book piles together now.

MitchyInge · 18/10/2009 14:45

2nd (or 3rd) Eva Ibbotson and Meg Rosoff

also Tabitha Suzuma and I forget who wrote Prep, Curtis something I think her name is, Sittenfeld? Something like that

janeite · 18/10/2009 14:51

Across The Nightingale Floor is by Leanne Hearne. Dd1 read them at 11 and 12 but dd2 hasn't read them and I don't think would contemplate them (says she hates reading, as she sits wrapped up in New Moon at the mo!) as they are very wide-reaching and not easy reads as they have a lot of characters: basically they are Japanese warrior type epics! They also have quite a bit of sex, including homosexual, so again, I don't think my dd2 is ready for that, although dd1 took it all in her stride.

Am I the only one who thinks Meg Rosoff is v over-rated? I liked How I Live Now but haven't thought much at all of her others.

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 18/10/2009 14:56

I love Rosoff but not as much as Ibbotson who is criminally under-known, I wonder if your daughter would like Jane Eagland's Wildthorn?

Tabitha Suzuma is possibly the young adult Jacqueline Wilson but I love her despite this.

pointyhat · 18/10/2009 15:03

HAvre you tried Anne Cassidy? Dd1 enjoyed Looking for JJ

MitchyInge · 18/10/2009 15:05

Oh I just thought of Geraldine Mc-ugh, how do you spell her name? White Darkness.

pointyhat · 18/10/2009 15:11

And Louis Sachar is enjoyable - not just the ubiquitous Holes

janeite · 18/10/2009 16:14

She's read Looking For JJ and wasn't into the other Louis Sacher ones (although I liked them).

Keep 'em coming - will keep googling.

OP posts:
Teddimac · 18/10/2009 16:24

How about Philip Pullman? If she's already read His Dark Materials, she might like the Sally Lockhart books (Ruby in the Smoke, etc).


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janeite · 18/10/2009 16:28

Dd1 has read them all. Will hoist the Sally Lockhart's on dd2 and convince her that she will love them - thanks, had forgotten about them.

OP posts:
FlameIsOnDay2 · 18/10/2009 16:36

Sabriel series by Garth Nix?

Ooh I really liked witch child, but you didn't...

Erm.... "13 reasons why" - a bit morbid about teen suicide but enjoyed.

I loved John Wyndham as a teen

LittleWhiteWereWolf · 18/10/2009 17:10

Try Sarra Manning for real life teen stories. My two faves were Guitar Girl and Lets Get Lost.
Kelley Armstrong is a Canadian writer who does both adult and teen books; try the Chloe Saunders trilogy for teens or Bitten as a start of the adult series. These both involve supernatural elements, but are much better written than Twilight!

Erm, what else? Mentally scrolling through my books...
if she likes classics, I LOVED Lord of the Flies. And Rings.

Ooh if they havent read The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, they must! If she enjoyed the Shopahilic books, Sophie Kinsella has plenty of other books. Plus thats only a pseudonym so anything written by Madeleine Wickham is also her. Or rather is the real her...!

I'll keep thinking!

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