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Comparative religion for 4 years up...................

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Acinonyx · 04/07/2009 12:16

Dd is about to start a very churchy C of E school and I'd like to arm myself with some age-appropriate stuff on other religions to dilute the influence and broaden her outlook. I want her to understand that there are many different religious views.

Any recommendations? Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Ba'hai - the more the merrier!

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FAQinglovely · 04/07/2009 12:19

well my DS2 has is just finishing a very "churchy" CoE school and this year has already learned about several other religions. So ermm - can't help

Acinonyx · 04/07/2009 12:32

That is encorouging - but I just get a queasy feeling when I see all the stuff on the walls which is ENTIRELY xian-related. This is not an issue I'm comfortable leaving to the school.

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Takver · 04/07/2009 20:38

We have a nice book called All Kinds of Beliefs which I got for just this reason when DD was in reception. It doesn't include atheists as a group unfortunately, but I would say a good starting point for discussion.

Acinonyx · 05/07/2009 09:48

Looks good - thanks

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Acinonyx · 05/07/2009 09:48

PS - I think I've got atheism covered

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