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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Bright and able DS who doesn't enjoy reading!! Anyone suggest any books for him?

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aznerak · 10/06/2009 22:17

Hi there

Our DS is in year 2 and will be 8yrs in December. He is bright and able - he's in the highly able group for both maths and literacy.

I don't agree with forcing children to do things but now he is confidently free reading, he thinks thats it and he doens't need to read any more, mainly because he doesn't overly enjoy it and would rather be doing maths!

I just want to keep him reading (he is quite active and its a good way of getting him to sit down occasionally!) and so I want some books that would grab his attention and get him interested in books a bit.

When I was young, I read some of those Choose Your Own Adventure books where you decide how the story progresses.

Can anyone else remember these? I can't remember what age they are aimed at and I can't seem to find any in Borders/Waterstones etc.

Can anyone suggest anything else? If I do get him to read, he likes non fiction OR adventures!

Thank you

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NormaLeighLucid · 10/06/2009 22:21

Mr Gum books are brilliant. My DS 7 started reading them and now he his hooked on reading from there he then started reading horrid henry but moved on to Roald Dahl and is currently reading the Beast Quest books.

bloss · 10/06/2009 22:31

Message withdrawn

cissycharlton · 10/06/2009 22:32

Does he like football? I get Match of the Day magazine delivered for DS1 (7) and he reads it cover to cover.

aznerak · 10/06/2009 22:33

Thank you

He's read Horrid Henry and Captain Underpants as well as some Roald Dahl

He just hasn't "clicked" with any of the above so any suggestions are great. What is Mr Gum and The Number Devil?

Thanks again

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iheartdusty · 10/06/2009 22:36

what about magazines for a while - The beano, football, sciences ones - just to keep his reading interest going?

Usborne publish some Puzzle Adventure books, they are along the lines you describe.

These are really good - they are full of tabs and flaps and aimed at older primary age children.

or what about non-fiction generally?

drosophila · 10/06/2009 22:40

My DS is very similar. I found he will devour factual books on 101 diffrent subject but avoided fiction. Here is a selection of what fiction he does enjoy:

Captain Underpants and Ricky Ricotta by Dav Pilkey - really silly but he loves it.

Roald Dahl books

Roddy Doyle Books e.g. The Giggler Treatment

Gruesome Tales for Gruesome Kids

mckenzie · 10/06/2009 22:45

Ditto the Mr Gum books. Also the children's national Geographic magazine might interest him. Ds reads it from cover to cover and then back again. Also, the Secret Seven or Famous Five are worth a shot. Or the Horrible History series of books. Lots of trips to the library for you me thinks. Something will grab his interest eventually (hopefully )

aznerak · 10/06/2009 22:50

Yep, I think you are right about a trip to the good old library. Definitely going to get Mr Gum though and the Number Devil....thank you all!

OP posts:
Takver · 11/06/2009 08:52

Murderous Maths? I had a peer at it in the bookshop & it looked a bit advanced for dd (younger yr 2) but not massively so, I would have bought it but my pile was already too big.
DD loves National Geographic Kids, she also liked the Horrible Geography book about volcanoes.

NormaLeighLucid · 11/06/2009 22:50

Mr Gum is written by Andy Stanton. The first one is called - your a bad man Mr Gum!

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