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Alternatives to oxford reading tree etc

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Badgermoose · 18/05/2009 13:52

DD is learning to read and is about ORT level 5 stage. We are dutifully ploughing my way through the ones which are coming from school, but I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for books she could try which maybe weren't part of a reading scheme and actually had an enjoyable story!

OP posts:
GrapefruitMoon · 18/05/2009 13:54

There are some new ORT ones out now (not the Magic Key ones...) written by Julia Donaldson - ds's school has them and he is really enjoying them. The other ones he enjoys at home are a set of DR Seuss books.

peanutbutterkid · 18/05/2009 13:57

Ask in your local library, they should have a fair bit at about ORT level 5+.

Takver · 18/05/2009 17:54

Are you thinking for her to read to you, or for her to read alone?

When dd was learning to read we enjoyed reading Teddy Robinson together, with her reading the bits that Teddy R says and me reading the rest of the story.

flamingobingo · 18/05/2009 17:58

Usborne have some nice early reader books. Why not take your DD to the library and look through a load with her.

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