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A craft book pls using rubbish Pls?

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Starbear · 15/05/2009 13:38

I like the thought of using cardboard tubes & various containers to make things with DS.
BUT I have no imagination. We have made a robot and he looks good. I don't have time for hit and miss ideas and just want picture e.g You need this, step 1 2 3 and voila something that doesn't resembles alot of rubbish stuck together with a a splosh of paint on it I real do not have any skill in this subject what so ever!

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provinciallady · 15/05/2009 15:56

The Art Attack books are good - here is a link

MilaMae · 15/05/2009 16:18

Try it's fab and all made from junk.

Takver · 16/05/2009 15:35

Usborne art / craft books are good. We have Fifty Rainy Day things to do which is a set of cards, and they're good - don't need complicated stuff and easy even for an incompetent like me. We have quite a few of them in our library too, they seem to put out seasonally appropriate ones (Easter, Christmas and the like) which is useful for producing suitable bits & pieces for putting in letters to grandma . . .

Starbear · 16/05/2009 20:19

Thank you will try them. Usborne books don't use enough rubbish. We have Easter and Christmas.

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Starbear · 17/05/2009 10:39

On another thread just been recommend books from the Recycle Fun! make toys from rubbish only £3.95 It sound like the book I'm after. Tell you all about it when it gets delivered.

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