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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

A book for dd aged 10 about changing bodies, growing up, feelings etc

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TsarChasm · 11/05/2009 19:39

I've looked on Amazon, but there are a confusing amount to choose from.

Dd knows the basics but I'd like to give her some things to read too.

Any suggestions please?

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AMumInScotland · 12/05/2009 10:19

I'd recommend "Lets Talk About Sex", we got it for DS about that age. It's aimed about 9 to 12, and very matter-of-fact about a range of stuff.

TsarChasm · 12/05/2009 10:45

Thanks so much AMumInScotland, that's very helpful. I'd rather have a recommended book.

It's hard to know - especially online - what would be good. She's only ten. I don't want to scare her off with a book that's aimed at teenagers.

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JeffVadar · 12/05/2009 15:56

That is an excellent book, but there is an earlier book called 'Let's Talk About Where Babies Come From' by the same people as 'Let's Talk About Sex'(the author is Robie H Harris).

Try and have a look at both of them if possible. I think that 'Where Babies come From' is more aimed at 10 year olds, it has all the mechanics and the internal workings about puberty etc. 'Let's Talk About Sex', I would say, is more aimed at teenagers and has much more stuff about actual relationships.

You will know best which one is best suited to your DD.

ingles2 · 12/05/2009 16:15

I've just bought my 9yr old son the boy version of this book
I thought it was very good. It does cover everything but is not explicit.

TsarChasm · 12/05/2009 16:40

Thank you both too.

Ingles your link looks absolutely spot on. Just the sort of tone I was hoping to find and that dd would like

I just cannot believe I'm even thinking about this for dd. She was only born a few months ago, I'm sure of it It is lovely too of course I know, and yet I wish life would slow down...

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