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Reading material – 6yo boy who reads a lot

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4gotoindia · 11/04/2009 07:59

Can anyone give me some suggestions for some reading material ? esp names of authors. At the moment my son (almost 6) enjoys reading (on his own) Enid Blyton (Secret Seven), Roald Dahl and also the Horrid Henry books. We?re overseas at the moment ? so can?t pop into the library and try things out. Instead we have to get things sent to us (time consuming and unreliable!), so want to be sure that anything that arrives here is suitable! So we?re looking for suggestions of books that are about of the standard of Secret Seven (or a bit higher). Does anyone have any tips???
Many thanks!

OP posts:
Umlellala · 11/04/2009 20:35

I love everything by Philip Ridley, think they would be suitable for that age.
When I was seven, I loved a trilogy by Beverley Nichols - Tree that Sat Down, Stream that Stood Still and Mountain of Magic BUT by the looks of it on Amazon they are not in print...

ChasingSquirrels · 11/04/2009 20:38

ds1 is seriously into Beast Quest atm (Adam Blake I think).
Also Astrosaurs and Cows In Action.

Anything by Jeremy Strong usually goes down well.

LadyGlencoraPalliser · 14/04/2009 19:26

The Mr Gum books by Andy Stanton.
Beast Quest are also v popular with my 6 year old DD's male friends.
Lots of people on here have been recommending the Magic Treehouse books, though I haven't seen them myself.

madwomanintheattic · 14/04/2009 19:29

lol chasingsquirrels. my 7yo is desperately into beast quest at the mo. and we were looking at the other two this avo in waterstones. why is it so limited for boys? the pink shelves went on for miles and dd1 and 2 were in their element!
jeremy strong good but might be a step 'down'?

you could continue the enid bkyton with magic faraway tree etc.
dd1 started reading harry potter at 7 too. it took her a year to read the series, so worth having on the shelves anyway.

ChasingSquirrels · 14/04/2009 19:33

there are a range of Jeremy Strong ones, I wouldn't see it as a step down - certainly better written and a wider range than bloody BeastQuest

madwomanintheattic · 15/04/2009 10:45

lol. dd1 loved jeremy strong and isn't in the least bit interested in beast quest
ds.... the beast quest doesn't sit terribly well with his ballet, but i guess it broadens his horizons away from the pink festoon round here, poor child. they're toying with getting him level 4 sats tested though lol, so i can hardly be too picky about what he's choosing to read, he seems to be doing ok on it! fortunately there aren't too many pokemon books...

mankyscotslass · 15/04/2009 10:46

Ds has just started on the Jack Stalwart books, he loves them and there is a good website linked to them.

Latchley · 15/04/2009 13:45

You might want to try the Hiccup books by Cressida Cowell. How to Train your Dragon is the first one I think.

lljkk · 15/04/2009 13:55

I second Jeremy Strong, and also -

Yeah, I know it's probably below his ability. But DS (who apparently had a reading age of about 11 at the time) simply fell in love with these books when he was just turned 8. And even if they "can" read more 'advanced' stuff, they often can't really get the content/plot, etc. Astrosaurs is spot on the sophistication level of most 6-7yo boys.

Legacy · 15/04/2009 13:59

DS liked the 'Captain Fact' books at about this age - they weren't a challenging read particularly, but they taught him lots of interesting facts and ideas. He read them several times over in fact, and delighted in telling me the various facts he'd discovered!

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