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Mumfie the Elephant..does anyone know it and what age would you recommend for?

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hattyyellow · 30/03/2009 13:01

Mumfie the elephant was one of my favourites as a child, he had many adventures with his friend Scarecrow.

My mum can't find our copies. My eldest DD's are approaching 4 years - any ideas what age it's suitable for?
Many thanks for any help.

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DuchessOfAvon · 31/03/2009 09:49

Golly - I DO remember Mumfie. I wonder where ours have got to?

Have you googled or searched via abebooks?

DuchessOfAvon · 31/03/2009 09:52

Just done a quick search. It looks like the originals that I remember are from around 1975 by Katherine Tozer. There are some form 1995 by Britt Allcroft which look dreadful - not the lovely illustrations I remember. Abebooks have got both for sale.

JudithChalmers · 31/03/2009 09:56

god i LOVED mumfie
he was cute

hattyyellow · 01/04/2009 12:27

Cheers all, I'll try abebooks. The originals I remember also had beautiful illustrations and 1975 sounds about right as my oldest brother would have been born a few years before..

The new ones do look dreadful don't they? I don't remember a tv series.

Anyone got any ideas on suitable age to start reading them?

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