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We're going on a bear hunt question

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bronze · 26/03/2009 20:00

Why do they tiptoe back when they're being chased by a wacking great bear?

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 26/03/2009 20:01

No idea.
I hate it. No idea why it is so bloody popular.

LadyGlencoraPalliser · 26/03/2009 23:29

Agree, Nicky. You would have thought the combination of Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury would be unhateable, but sadly I that book is unbearable.

Twinklemegan · 26/03/2009 23:32

I wonder this about a lot of books - why they're so popular I mean - but this one grew on me I must say. Although it seems to have made DS afraid of bears - I can't think why

iloverosycheeks · 26/03/2009 23:54

I have to admit that I was a bit 'eh' inwardly while reading it to DS however the final picture of the bear walking away is just so sad and beautifully drawn.

nickytwotimes · 27/03/2009 10:20

at unbearable

LadyGlencoraPalliser · 27/03/2009 13:15
mrsturnip · 27/03/2009 14:32

I never liked it until I heard it being read out loud to a group, then I thought it was great.

angelene · 27/03/2009 14:39

It's better when you give it some welly and do actions etc, but I agree it's not brilliant.

We have just discovered the Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy collection though which is absolutely fan-bloody-tastic. Especially with the CD.

saramoon · 29/03/2009 15:13

We took dds to see it at the theatre and it was BRILLIANT.

mufti · 29/03/2009 15:18

it made my ds afraid of mud for a while, nut he seems to have got over it now

mufti · 29/03/2009 15:19

"but" he seems..

HumphreyCobbler · 29/03/2009 15:19

IME children love it rather than adults
I grew to like it very much, felt the same way about "Bear in a Cave".

itwasntme · 29/03/2009 15:20

I always thought it was a rip off of Bears in the Night, and not in a good way.

TheProvincialLady · 29/03/2009 15:21

We used to do it at Brownies and thought it was the best thing ever. DS1 is 2 and loves the book and CD. You do know it isn't meant to be taken as serious advice for how to conduct a bear hunt?

MissM · 30/03/2009 12:25

We tell DD that the bear is going to see his mummy at the end cos she got upset that he was sad. I really like this book but am not so keen on The Bear in the Cave. DD loves it though - I've had to hide it in the past cos I really don't want to read it!

gingemum · 31/03/2009 23:41

My dd is 9 and has special needs.She LOVES this book... she loves it so much that I have recorded myself reading it on a dictaphone so I can read her another story and let her listen to it herself!

JaquelinehydeAllTheEggs · 31/03/2009 23:46

DD & DS both 3 love it. I can't just read it though it has to be sung and they both join in.

Vamanos · 31/03/2009 23:50

It's just wrong on so many levels - 'hunting' the poor damn bear for entertainment in the first place; dragging the kids and baby through water and mud for miles with their socks off; going into the poor damn bear's cave then making a villain out of the poor damn bear when he/she is pissed off that they have invaded the cave... it's just wrong wrong wrong!!! And bears don't live on beaches, do they?

It would have been better if the poor damn bear had eaten the lot of them for dinner, at least there would have been some justice in that.

ready4anotherminiegg · 01/04/2009 00:01

DD1 loves it. however she has memorized th words, in a fashion, and insists on reading it to me

patriciawentworthheroine · 06/05/2009 22:13

The reason I hate it is that I'm quite sure when it was read to me at Brownies that the whole point was varying the prepositions.

THROUGH the mud
OVER the bridge
ROUND the giant spaceship
UNDER the swamp

or whatever. It makes me strangely enraged to jsut read THOUGH THROUGH THROUGH on every page in the modern version.

Or am I just very odd?

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