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last minute world book day costume help?????

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georgeclooneyfan · 05/03/2009 08:31

My dd aged 9 came home last night and said she is to come dressed as a favourite book character tomorrow!! I said to her pippi longstocking as she has similar hair colour but she doesnt want too, Tracey Beaker or snow white, she said maybe the naughtiest school girl? Any ideas would be very helpful.

thanks in advance

OP posts:
SalVolatile · 05/03/2009 21:37

sorry cant help, dd aged 6 is going as pippi longstocking tomorrow! how about hermione grainger if you have a blazer?

Joycey29 · 05/03/2009 21:45

Worst witch is easy - recycle halloween and be naughty!
Hermione is fairly easy as Sal said.
The Snowman - Raymond Briggs - wear white and a hat and scarf and carrot nose.
Alice in Wonderland - queen of hearts, Gretel or Sleeping Beauty
Hope you find something!

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