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Another "find this book from my childhood" question...

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MrsMuddle · 19/02/2009 21:04

It was a novel, and it was about children in Holland, and the storks nesting in cartwheels on the chimneys. I'm sure it was a puffin or a penguin book, and it was a mostly blue cover.

If you know what book this is, I'll be eternally grateful. It's been bugging me for years.


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provinciallady · 20/02/2009 08:05

It is 'The Wheel on the School' by Meindert DeJong - the Puffin edition was published in 1961, and reprinted a number of times. Lovely illustrations by Maurice Sendak. I just checked and it's available through Amazon - there are also some nice copies of the edition that you remember on Abebooks.

EachPeachPearMum · 20/02/2009 08:21

and this is why I love mn so much!

seeker · 20/02/2009 08:24

Oh, I LOVED this book! Will buy it immediately so that my children can despise it!

MrsMuddle · 20/02/2009 10:07

Thank you SO much. I think I love you! I thought I was going mad because my sisters and parents didn't remember it at all. I will buy it now and present it to them.

OP posts:
5Foot5 · 08/03/2009 18:45

Gosh yes I remember this book!

How strange because only yesterday it came up in conversation.

I always remember the children in the book being told to look anywhere you might expect to find a cartwheel and anywhere there couldn't possible be a cartwheel. I trotted this out to DH and DD when something was being looked for and they looked at me like I was mad! I then explained the background and they still seemed to find it rather strange as neither of them had ever heard of it.

Then I come on here and find that the book was not a figment of my imagination after all.....

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