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Please help me identify this book?

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CherryChoc · 01/02/2009 19:52

Don't know how far I will get with this but it is worth a try.

When I was a little girl I used to have a picture book (one of those big, thin ones which each page is a picture with the words superimposed on the picture) about a puppy who lived on a farm and all his brothers and sisters teased him. His mother assured him "I love you just the way you are" (possibly not in those words - but I associate the memory of the book with the Billy Joel song!)

It is a lovely book and I'd love to be able to read it to my DS but my mum doesn't have it any more and wasn't sure she remembered the title. I have had a search on amazon but can't find anything.

Any ideas? Oh, if it helps, it would have been first published early 1990s at the latest.

OP posts:
lenny101 · 01/02/2009 20:03

Sorry, no clues... sounds lovely though. Hope you find it.

tinytalker · 25/02/2009 23:54

Was the puppy called 'Chester'?

justagirlfromedgware · 26/02/2009 17:43

Try Abe Books' 'Book Sleuth' Forum. The geniuses there tracked down a book I was looking for based on a description and the forename of the author! It's at [[]. (Remember to post in the Children's section).

justagirlfromedgware · 26/02/2009 17:44

Now with a link that works!

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