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Can anyone remind me where I might have seen kids' ex libris/this book belongs to stamps?

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UnrealisticExpectations · 19/01/2009 11:31


Hope some of you out there have got a better memory than I have! For years, I have seen some lovely 'Ex libris' or 'This book belongs to...' rubber stamps in one of the popular catalogues, like GLTC or Urchin or Jojomamanbebe, something like that. There were some really nice designs for boys and girls - I think there was a ship and a Biggles type aeroplane, and some girly ones too. They were all a bit retro, I think. I never got round to buying any (I want one for my daughter and one for my son) so I'm thinking they must have been in something pretty mainstream. If it had been an obscure little catalogue I'd have probably ordered them straight away. Now I actually want to buy them, I can't find them anywhere. I've Googled and Googled and I get some okay stamp pages, but they're not the one I've seen. I've tried the Urchin, GLTC and Jojo website and nothing comes up. Can anyone help me?


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georgiemum · 19/01/2009 11:34
UnrealisticExpectations · 19/01/2009 12:08

Wow! That was fast. They're exactly the ones. Thank you very much.

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Legacy · 20/01/2009 14:27

This site is also great for printing out some and colouring etc:

UnrealisticExpectations · 06/02/2009 11:45

Thanks, Legacy. What a fab site. I think my writing's too scruffy to put in my kids' books, but I copied and pasted some of their bookplates and typed the name in on the computer ( because I'm sad like that!).

Thanks again.

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