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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

I'm having a wonderful time re-living my childhood !!!

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Pinktastic · 15/01/2009 14:19

I bought DD(7) The Magic Faraway Tree Collection for Christmas.

I have insisted on reading it out allowed to her at bedtime. We read about 3 chapters per night and the rules are that she is not allowed to read it without me, not even a peek

It's all coming back to me and I'm loving it. We find ourselves talking about it during the day and wondering what will happen next. This makes me very happy because that means DD is also loving it too.

I just wanted to share this with you

OP posts:
FruitynNutty · 15/01/2009 14:21

I loved that book!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read it again DS only 3.5 though.

Takver · 15/01/2009 15:03

Me too - we are reading the Wandering Wombles right now, I have even taught DD to sing lots of Wombles songs

Fennel · 16/01/2009 21:23

It's one of my favourite bits of parenting so far, watching the dds discover so many of my favourite children's books, and discovering new ones with them. After all these years I am back wallowing in Antonia Forest and Noel Streatfield and E Nesbit. Faraway tree too.

HelensMelons · 17/01/2009 15:25


I have just started The Magic Faraway Tree Collection. It didn't go down brilliantly but I will persevere because I also loved these stories as a child.

I also loved the Wombles, esp Tobermory, forward thinking too with their re-cycling.

I have just re-read Heidi which I loved when I was little and I couldn't remember why. It is a really, lovely story.

I agree Fennel there is something really lovely and exciting about wallowing in the stuff you read as a child.

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