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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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Teenage Boy books?

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MrsSnape · 15/12/2008 11:02

My son is almost 10 but finds children's books a bit boring. He has just finished one of the beast quest books in a matter of days and asked me not to get him anymore of them.

Can anyone recommend anything? He started on Harry Potter but the films kind of ruined his interest in the books. He's just read "young samurai" and is looking for something similar.

I was thinking of "boy in the striped pyjamas"?

Are Lord of the Rings books too advanced? he's not an exceptional reader, he just likes more grown up stories.

OP posts:
ramonaquimby · 15/12/2008 11:03

what about the young James Bond books? (think there are about 3)

christywhisty · 15/12/2008 11:23

DS 13

is reading

Joseph Delany - Spooks books
Charlie Higgens - Young Bond
Rick Riorden - Percy Jackson
Eoin Colfer -
Robert Muchamore - Cherub books
H.I.V.E books - can't think who they are by

LIZS · 15/12/2008 18:00

ds likes the Measle series by Ian Ogilvy, Barnaby Grimes books by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, Cornelia Funke's books such as the Ghost Hunters series, Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider series

librarymice · 15/12/2008 19:48

I would be weary of the Cherub series at such a yuong age, they are quite graphic. I din't like Boy in Striped Pyjamas myself but the main character is 9 so it might appeal to your son. The Percy Jackson books are brilliant. What about Cornelia Funke?

AussieLou · 15/12/2008 20:39

I have to agree on the Cherub books. They are a bit graphic (im currently rereading them at the moment as they are quite good). Young bond is good too. Longer then most kids books and not as grpahic as the cherub ones. What about the Alex Rider series?

mimsum · 15/12/2008 20:59

both my boys love the artemis fowl books, the wolf brother books, anything by Cornelia Funke (Dragonrider being a particular favourite), Skullduggery pleasant and sequel

fwiw I loathed the boy in striped pyjamas - horribly faux naif

nickelbabe · 16/12/2008 11:41

I agree with all the recommendations above.
Also try the younger anthony horowitz (like Groosham Grange, which is hilarious, and The Diamond Brothers Series).

I also love Spartapuss series by Robin Price (based on Roman history and v funny) and Sarah Matthias who writes historical fiction with a gory (murderous) twist.

and the Boy in the striped pyjamas really is a girls' book (not because it's girly, but becos it made me cry even though I hated it!)

Rach06 · 16/12/2008 14:25

Hi Guys,

I work for The Times and wanted to let you all know about our really great Free Books for Schools project.

Starting in January and running throughout 2009, we will be giving away hundreds of thousands of books to help you to encourage your children to read for enjoyment, to broaden their knowledge and to develop their imaginations.

To find out more check out the Free Books for Schools website at

I hope you like it.

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