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Individual Books v Compilations

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OllieWollieWoo · 21/10/2008 21:40

Weird question but can't decide to get DS the individual Harry and the Dinasours books or the hardback one which has 5 in it.

Do any of you have a preference re individual books or larger compliations???

Psst - for those of you who are also after Harry, The Book People have all 10 for 9.99!!!!

OP posts:
dingdong05 · 22/10/2008 13:23

I prefer individual books for 2 reasons:
1: compilations are bigger and heavier, and are therefore awkward and
2: if you re-read books as often as we do then they tend to get dog eared quite quickly (esp if you keep dropping the big compilations ) and its easier and cheaper to replace one story

I may just have to check out The Book People....

LadyGlencoraPalliser · 22/10/2008 13:24

Individual books every time. The compilations tend to be unwieldy and therefore less read IME.

YohoAhoy · 22/10/2008 13:25

dingdong's posted exactly what I was going to say

Would also add that if one or two stories become favourites, dragging a great big book around can be a pain.

bozza · 22/10/2008 13:26

agree with dingdong. Have deliberately bought DS box set of Narnia (off book people btw!) rather than a one volume jobbie.

Remember reading LOTR and it was a pain because one volume. Fortunately was pg though so could rest it on the bump.

littlelapin · 22/10/2008 13:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubberDuck · 22/10/2008 13:28

Yep, I went and bought loads of compilations (thomas tank, etc) and they were all untouched pretty much.

Individual books dog-eared from being read so much. I'd never buy a compilation for a young child again.

littlelapin · 22/10/2008 13:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OllieWollieWoo · 22/10/2008 15:55

Thanks v much for useful replies - individual books it is!!!!!

OP posts:
Tigerschick · 22/10/2008 15:57

Agree about individula books - BTW Book People have the same deal for Charlie and Lola books - 10 books in a bag for £9.99

cmotdibbler · 22/10/2008 16:11

You might also still be able to get the Happy Families Allan Ahlberg set - 20 books for 9.99 from the Book People. Fabulous value as ever from them

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