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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Any recommendations for books for children aged 9-12 that are funny?

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sinkingfast · 31/08/2008 13:54

DS is not keen on adventure/fantasy/wizards etc - "I like books that make me laugh". He's a pretty competent reader.


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sglat · 27/10/2008 12:31

I'd second the recommendation for Jeremy Strong. Any of his books would be perfect - except 'Stuff' which is also excellent, but for slightly older readers (young teens).

mimsum · 27/10/2008 19:12

ds (8) recently read Diary of a Wimpy Kid - very funny and no fantasy/adventure - he's currently reading Artemis Fowl - although fairies are involved it's all very tongue in cheek and rattles along at a breakneck speed - he has devoured the Cressida Cowell dragon books as well

his big brother (11) has enjoyed Skullduggery Pleasant and sequel although they might be a bit too far in the fantasy direction

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