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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

If you haven't already got your bookstart books get yourself down to the library

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wonderstuff · 18/08/2008 12:12

Just picked up the 6mo pack for dd, tis fab. Lovely cotton bag, two really nice board books, and a laminated colour rhyme sheet (which was dd's fave, much chewing excitement) plus loads of aren't books great, buy our books bumpf. Such a fab scheme, so rare the govt genuinly comes up with a good way of enriching lives, rather than trying to scare us or tell us what to do.. Can't wait to get the 18mo pack looks lovely..

OP posts:
wonderstuff · 18/08/2008 15:01

quick bump

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SoupDragon · 18/08/2008 15:02

What do you need to claim them? I need to claim the 2nd one for babyDragon but I keep forgetting

penona · 18/08/2008 15:05

What is this? Free books? Is it for everyone? Sounds great - how do I get hold of them?! Have 14mo DTs so may have missed the first pack but hoping I can get the 18mo ones.

SoupDragon · 18/08/2008 15:06


littleducks · 18/08/2008 15:08

red book

elkiedee · 18/08/2008 15:10

penona, your twins should be able to get the first packs, they will probably enjoy chewing their board books still. Take dts and their red books to your local library and ask them.

penona · 18/08/2008 15:11

Thanks soupdragon. This looks great! I wish my HV had told me about this at their 8mth check instead of nagging me about feeding my son more.
off to the library tomorrow!

wonderstuff · 18/08/2008 15:15

You don't need anything to claim them, just rock up to the library and ask. DD is 9mo, and I only just got her 6mo pack, you just ask and they give, tis fab

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penona · 18/08/2008 15:17

elkiedee - or else hitting each other/the cats with them. or trying to rip the pages out. All in the name of 'enjoying books' of course!

elkiedee · 18/08/2008 15:20

That's the advantage of board books. DS loves his, and finds them very tasty. He sees dp and myself reading and will sit there holding the book (though often upside down of course!) as he loves to mimic.

wonderstuff · 18/08/2008 15:35

Soo sweet elkiedee.

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Campaspe · 19/08/2008 12:15

The 18 month old pack is great as well. My DD got one board book ("Where's Spot? - a real classic), a picture book, a small box of crayons, a drawing pad and some guidance on choosing books for toddlers. And you get a lovely book bag as well. It is truly a fabulous scheme. Check out the Bookstart website, as they've got additional rhyme sheets, competitions etc.

Anyone know what's in the Bookstart pack for 3 year olds?

twinkleymum · 19/08/2008 12:17

HVs gave out ours at clinic. They're great.

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