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Non-crap book about fairies for 6 year old reluctant reader to give as present

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twentypence · 16/08/2008 10:41

She not rubbish at reading - just not very interested unless book is about fairies.

I have a boy and so do not want to subject her mother to endless repitition of a giant pile of sh**

Something in 3-6 short chapters with some colour pictures (but not a picture book), and preferably part of a series so she can get addicted.

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DisplacementActivity · 16/08/2008 10:48

Message withdrawn

DisplacementActivity · 16/08/2008 18:39

Message withdrawn

fleacircus · 16/08/2008 18:41

My friend's DD loves 'Ruby the Red Fairy'. I'm pretty sure it's part of a series and there is a CD to go with it.

cece · 16/08/2008 18:41

Rainbow Fairies by Daisy Meadows are in a series. DD (aged 7 and a good reader) loves them. To me they are very dull.

savoycabbage · 16/08/2008 18:49

I have had the misfortune to read those Rainbow Fairy books too!

I have had this picture book out of the library.

What about 'The Faraway tree' books. They have a fairy in them.

lucymack · 16/08/2008 20:17

How about Felicity wishes, there are stories but also sticker books etc to go with them - have a look here

twentypence · 16/08/2008 21:20

Sticker book will make it a little more present like. Thanks for the suggestions - I'm not actually that thrilled about Thomas either.

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