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Books for a reluctant reader

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Dynamicnanny · 21/06/2008 18:56

My friends daughter aged 7 has decided she doesn't like reading anymore as all her school books are boring - so can ayone reccomend any fabuolous books that might get her to change her mind - debating giving her a voucher - but thats not quite as exciting is it

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Bewilderbeast · 21/06/2008 19:21

try the diana wynne jones chrestomanci series, I used to work for Waterstones and these books always got kids interested.

desperatehousewifetoo · 28/06/2008 22:15

Joke books. My son (6yrs) started on these and lent to a friend who is a 'reluctant reader' too and he loved it.

The one my ds started with had about 3 jokes per page but he has others that are more 'wordy'.

RosaLuxembunting · 29/06/2008 00:50

Actually, I think a voucher is a great idea if you can go to the bookshop with her and help her choose. She is far more likely to read a book she has chosen herself because she likes the look of it.
Or post a bit more about her character and interests and we will make suggestions...

Califrau · 29/06/2008 00:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BetteNoire · 29/06/2008 01:01

'Gobbolino The Witch's Cat' by Ursula Moray Williams.

Anything by the wonderful Joan Aiken - we particularly like 'The Wolves of Willoughby Chase'.

'Ballet Shoes' by Noel Streatfield.

'Matilda' by Roald Dahl.

These are all great to read aloud too, so maybe someone could read them to her, to get her interest in reading going again?

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