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What is that sciency book that came out a while ago that teaches things like how to make butter?

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Twinkie1 · 18/06/2008 10:02

I want to get it for DDs b'day but cannot for the life of me find it?

It came out before Xmas I think and had various experiments like how to make butter and other stuff in??

OP posts:
justRia · 18/06/2008 21:20

How to Fossilise your Hamster?

jemw · 24/06/2008 12:05

We have an Usbourne book 100 science experiments that has how to make butter in it and other things like how to make paper and crystals, and using cabbage water to check acidity etc, children like it and we have done a few things from it including making butter! children aged 8 and 7

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