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Can someone tell me the name of the Alfie book...

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Saker · 26/05/2008 22:02

Ds2 is very keen on Alfie (Shirley Hughes) at the moment. We have read most of them at various points in the past, and there are some stories that Ds2 keeps asking for hopefully, but I can't remember the name of the book they were in. They included one where Alfie and his mum go paddling down a stream and see a snake (tied up with the Adam and Eve story) and another where it rains at his grandmother's house and they explore the attic.
Does this ring any bells with anyone?

OP posts:
WendyWeber · 26/05/2008 22:09

An Evening at Alfie's - is this the raining one?

Saker · 26/05/2008 22:16

Thanks, no that is a raining one also, but not the one.

OP posts:
Hulababy · 26/05/2008 22:20

Evening at Alfie's is when the water pipe in the house bursts isn't it?

Hulababy · 26/05/2008 22:21

Is it in this one?

cheesesarnie · 26/05/2008 22:22

ooh dont know those two and dont think theyre in our books.can look in morning for you if havent had any luck.dd has them in her room.i love shirley hughes.

Saker · 26/05/2008 22:22

Yes, that's not the one I mean - in the one I mean, they are staying at the grandmother's and they are bored because it is raining and she lets them go over the house pretending to be explorers. Ring any bells?

OP posts:
Saker · 26/05/2008 22:29

Sorry cross-posted, I don't think the weather one is the one either, by the description on Amazon, but not 100% sure.

OP posts:
Saker · 26/05/2008 22:33

no you're right - just searched on "Alfie Weather" and that's the one. Thanks a lot.

OP posts:
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