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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Can anyone recommend a book for a 2 yr old with cars, trains, planes etc......

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cadelaide · 15/05/2008 11:41

.......pref board?

The more pages the better, he's very advanced

OP posts:
Clare21 · 15/05/2008 13:31

What about Ant Parker's books, there are a series of 4 I think about different vehicles. Terrific Trains, Roaring Rockets etc, and you can def. buy a set of all of them as board books. Then there's Richard Scarry. Ben Blathwayt's Little Red Train series has been a hit with my twins (4) since before they were 2, they love the fiddly little details, and some of them come in board book format. And then there's the 3 or 4 book series with fab rhyming text which I seem to remember being to recite off pat in a one o'clock club with another mum which I have maddeningly forgotten the name of. I will try and get my brain into gear and come back with it later. One last one - Oi Get off our Train by John Burningham, perhaps the very best of all, and if your son is anything like mine he will then want to get every Burningham out from the library.

lucymack · 15/05/2008 14:38

There is the Amazing Machines series that you can see by clicking here. The individual books are paperback and the boxset contains smaller hardback books - they are great. There are also the Usborne Lift and Look ones that my boys love - you can see them by clicking here They are board books.
There is also this one which is relatively recently published.Its a board book.
Hope this helps

beansmum · 15/05/2008 14:43

this is fab

damewashalot · 15/05/2008 14:47

Dig dig digging is great but beansmum just beat me

NoNickname · 15/05/2008 14:50

Also thought of Dig Dig Digging. Although there are no planes, but things like diggers, fire engines, dumper trucks, bulldozers, car transporters, lorries, dustcarts, etc.

cadelaide · 15/05/2008 22:24

thanks everyone, hadn't come across "bargain books for kids" before, will have a browse

OP posts:
jingleyjen · 15/05/2008 22:30

it keeps DS2 (20 months) entertained for ages
and DS1 loves it still

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