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COMPLETE Fairy tales book???

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momofha · 10/05/2008 17:08

Is there a book available that has ALL the fairy tales we remember as a child and perhaps good illustrations too. When I say all, I mean all, as Usborne has a fairy tales book but it doesnt contain many of the fairy tales. I am talking about the old classics like princess and the pea, rumplestiltskin, rapunzel, etc. Am I looking for a needle in a haystack or do one of you have such a book on your bookshelf? My little boys and girl would love to hear all the old stories and I would love to share it with them.

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lucymack · 10/05/2008 19:28

There is this one Not sure if it will have the illustrations you are after though.

lucymack · 10/05/2008 19:38

Completely forgot about this one which I think will have much better pictures but is more pricey. Hope that helps

mybrainaches · 10/05/2008 20:05

I have one by Jane Carruth, good illustrations, its called fairy tale time and has the following stories,

the sleeping beauty
jack and the beanstalk
the frog prince
the little match girl
the good fairy
red riding hood
mother holle
the three little men in the wood
the little mermaid

It is A4 size, 208 pages and is hardback, my kids dont bother with it so if you are interested I can send it to you for the cost of P&P....... I imagine about £4

MaltesersAndMarmite · 11/05/2008 09:36

We have this one, which both myself and dd, now 5, love. It is quite pricey but it has the following:
3 little pigs
Musicians of Bremen
Ugly Duckling
Little Red Riding Hood
Country Mouse and the City Mouse
Goldilocks and the three bears
Wolf and the seven little kids
Beauty and the BEast
The Little Mermaid
The Six Swans
The Prog Prince
The Three Sillies
The Gingerbread Man
The MAgic Porridge Pot
Sip and Her Sisters
The Princess and the Pea
The Three Wishes
East o' the Sun and West o' the moon
Kate Crackernuts
Dick Whittington
Hansel and Gretel
The Emperor's New CLothes
The Hare and the Tortoise
The Little Red Hen
The SUn and the Wind
The Pigman and the Princess
Belling the Cat
The Fisherman and his Wife
The Table, the Donkey and the Sack
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
The Three Heads inthe Well
TheTwelve Dancing Princesses
Puss in Boots
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Clever Gretel
Brave Molly Whuppie.

The stoires are beautifully told, so it is a pleasure to read aloud and although there is more text than illustration, there is at least one illustration per page.

momofha · 11/05/2008 15:07

Fantastic!! Thanks ladies. mybrainaches thanks so much for the offer but really am keen on one with more stories.

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