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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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RosaLuxembourg · 26/04/2008 23:14

I've just read DD2 the My Story book about the Suffragettes - she is mad about history and loves these tedious tomes. I was thinking though, SURELY someone must have written a better book on the subject? I can't think of one though and I wondered if anyone else knows one. It is extraordinary how some periods of history - tudors, second world war - have spawned so much great children's fiction and others so little.

OP posts:
marina · 26/04/2008 23:17

DD1 might enjoy Testament of Youth, maybe

Spidermama · 26/04/2008 23:17

I certainly don't know of one but you're right. It's long over due.

What are your writing skills like Rosa?

RosaLuxembourg · 26/04/2008 23:56

Lucky you, Marina. I bet it was fab.
Good point on Testament of Youth - DD2 is pretty WWI obsessed anyway, but she is only 8 so may wait a while. She isn't a really fluent reader like DD1 but she loves being read to and really enjoys discussing the books she is listening to - we had a long discussion last night about whether Emily Davison was right to throw herself under the horse or not, and about force feeding and what she would be prepared to do for a cause she believed in.
Spidermama - I would love to - maybe I should think about it!

OP posts:
llareggub · 27/04/2008 00:01

I read a great book as a child but I can't for the life of me remember the name. Will sleep on it and report back.

girlfrommars · 27/04/2008 00:32

I found this. This is a book about suffragettes based in America.

RosaLuxembourg · 27/04/2008 13:05

Oh thanks for those GirlFromMars (you an Ash fan, by any chance ). Polly's March is JUST what I am looking for and the others in the series look really good too.

OP posts:
girlfrommars · 27/04/2008 13:59

You knew, you knew!!

Glad to help.

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