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Shark in the Park - Nick Sharratt. How can i find a large sized copy for reading to a nursery class??

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NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 09:29

any one know? have been doing my rubbish attempts at googling but cant seem to find out if this book comes in a large size... i can find the paper back here but would love it if i could find the larger one (if it exists) as am reading to a nursery class.

much appreciated!

(am posting this in preschool education as well as childrens books in hope of finding answer i want!)

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littlelapin · 23/04/2008 09:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 23/04/2008 09:42

If I remember when I pick up at 12pm, I'll ask our staff where our enormous books come from.
There must be a 'pre-school books supplier' mustn't there?

NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 09:48

ah, i couldnt find the publishers site, thx lapin.

oh yes pls duchess. from what i remember of my montessori course, yes i think there are specific suppliers of larger sized books for group reading... just no idea where to get em.

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NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 09:50

not looking good is it?... think i might buy the paperback version from amazon anyway as its the last copy they have atm... if i find a bigger one as well i can always save the pb one for a birthday present...

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ROSEgarden · 23/04/2008 09:51

Hiya, i can ask at mindees nursery when i collect this afty?

NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 10:07

thanks rose, that would be most appreciated. cant hurt to ask can it!

think swampster might have foun d it on amazon, cunningly disguised for some reason [eh?], but its listed at 33 quid on there

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littlelapin · 23/04/2008 10:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twiglett · 23/04/2008 10:12

I have a particular voice for reading "There's a shark in the park, pup barked" which I use nowhere else

IdrisTheDragon · 23/04/2008 10:13

Might the educational services where you are have some larger books?

littlelapin · 23/04/2008 10:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 10:17

hmm lapin? links pls... i dont have to read till 14 may [organised] [falls off chair laughing at concept of me being organised]

twig - i think you may be thinking of the other shark in the park, which is bound to be inferior imo. if its like thos other usborne first reader whatsits. [sniffy]phil roxbee cox - nowhere near as good a writer as nick sharrattmarvellous

do you mean ask at the school idris? (i have done that)...

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NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 10:18

ooh, me links are linked to each other!

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littlelapin · 23/04/2008 10:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 10:19

library! omg i ddint think of that

OP posts:
NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 10:24

thanks lapin, you are a star.

a shame its so much... i suppose its a small print run at that size...

OP posts:
Twiglett · 23/04/2008 10:40

no, no I am definitely thinking of that one

"There's a shark in the park" pup barks

definitely, definitely

ROSEgarden · 23/04/2008 10:46

dont your school have a copy already? does as well as lots of other humungous stories?, they may loan it to you?

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 23/04/2008 13:51

Well I remembered to ask but neither of the staff letting morning session out knew and senior staff were greeting afternoon session in other hall.

I'll email the supervisor!

IdrisTheDragon · 23/04/2008 15:01

The school even if they don't have it is likely to have access to the schools library srvice, who would be more likely to be able to get hold of it. When I was a teacher, I think you could order books in that you needed ie for a topic like Victorians, but I would imagine they would be able to find out if there is one you can borrow.

NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 16:53

i asked nursery teachers and they hadnt heard of it, rose. so they'll be impressed when they do coz its great!

went to local library earlier. dunno why but it was shut. ho hum.

OP posts:
ROSEgarden · 23/04/2008 19:39

teacher at nursery said she would look into it for me(i dropped off at school soft play session not school today)..will let you know

NappiesGalore · 23/04/2008 19:44

thank you!

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ROSEgarden · 24/04/2008 09:28

Morning, i have a number for you..dd's teacher (reception) doesnt have theres a shark in the park but we wrote down the contact details from one of their huge books they were currently reading..the website is here, although ive already put the name in and it didnt bring anything up?, so you may want to ring them and check if they can get this book in and if not, im sure they can offer you info on other publishers??..anyway..number is 01536 741171 and heres the website Oxford literacy web.hope this helps

NappiesGalore · 24/04/2008 16:20

marvellous, thanks rose. will look into it.

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NappiesGalore · 24/04/2008 16:21

didnt sound grateful enough there... thank you for going out of your way and taking time to help me rose. may good karma befall you (not sure karma 'falls' but there you are, you get the gist )

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